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Every piece of rental real estate is built with thousands or even millions of different types of building products and materials. From the cement foundation, to the door handle, each product has its own unique purpose. Products generally range from more “raw materials” which are called “Building Materials”, to more finished products, which are called “Building Products”.

Building Product Definition

Building products are the processed and ready made finished items that are used in a modular fashion throughout the construction building process.

Construction Building Products

Rental Property Air Conditioner

A/C – Air Condition

Rental Property Doorbells


Rental Property Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucets

Rental Property Kitchen Range


Rental Property Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Rental Property Refrigerator


Rental Property Security Camera

Security Cameras

Tool Brands

Washer & Dryers

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Construction Building Materials

Building materials range from “Raw Materials” such as wood, sand, cement, etc. They differ from building products in nature by usually being more un-finished in nature.