5 Best Refrigerators For a Rental Property in 2024

Last Updated: January 2024

Rental Property Refrigerators

Refrigerators are an amenity that either can or cannot be provided with a residential rental unit. Some landlords and property managers choose not to include a refrigerator to reduce property maintenance responsibilities and leave the choice up to the tenant to decide.

Best Rental Property Refrigerators

Best OverallBest EconomyBest CompactBest SmartBest Beverage
SEE ON HOME DEPOT → LG Electronics – 30 in. 20.2 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with LED Lighting, Stainless Steel, Ice Maker
LG Electronics – 20.2 cu. ft. Top Freezer, Ice Maker
Frigidaire  – 20.5 cu ft Top-Freezer Refrigerator Vissani – 7.1 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator in Stainless SteelGE – Profile Smart 27.9-cu ft 4-Door Ice MakerCOMFEE - Beverage Cooler
COMFEE – 115 Can Beverage Cooler

Below we explore the top 5 refrigerators for rental properties based on 5 different factors to consider when determining which type of refrigerator is best for a rental property unit.

Best Overall

LG Electronics – 20.2 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with LED Lighting, 30 in. Stainless Steel, Ice Maker

Specifications & Features

20.2 cu.ft. Total Capacity, Top Freezer

  • Generous 20 cu. ft. storage space accommodates more groceries and food items.
  • Humidity-controlled crispers extend the life of fruits and vegetables, maintaining freshness.
  • No mention of adjustable shelving for customizing storage.
  • Built-in icemaker may occupy valuable freezer space.
Why We Like This Overall Refrigerator

With a built in ice maker, stylish stainless steel design and reasonably priced under $900, this refrigerator is a great overall refrigerator that not only looks good but also doesn’t cost a lot.

Best Economy

Frigidaire – 20.5-cu ft Top-Freezer Refrigerator w/ Reversible Doors

Specifications & Features

20.5 cu.ft. Total Capacity, Top Freezer

  • EvenTemp™ Cooling System ensures consistent cold air circulation, preventing freezer burn and maintaining food freshness.
  • Offers 20-cu ft storage in a space optimized for an 18-cu ft fridge.
  • Ice maker not included; requires separate purchase.
  • No mention of adjustable shelving for varied storage needs.
Why We Like This Economy Refrigerator

For a brand new full size refrigerator from a reputable brand, this Frigidaire is a great deal for those needing a new and reliable refrigerator in a rental property.

Best Compact

Buying Options

Vissani – 7.1 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator in Stainless Steel

Specifications & Features

7.1 cu.ft. Total Capacity, Top Freezer

  • Adjustable and removable shelves provide storage flexibility and easy cleaning.
  • Interior light and specialized compartments enhance organization and accessibility.
  • Manual defrosting might be inconvenient for some users.
  • Heavier weight (89.3 pounds) may make repositioning challenging.
Why We Like This Compact Refrigerator

For smaller compact kitchens, this Vissani refrigerator is our top pick requiring only 21” x 21” of floor space. It also comes with a freezer on top and nice stainless steel finish.

Best Smart

GE  -Profile Smart 27.9-cu ft 4-Door French Door Refrigerator w/ Ice Maker, Door within Door

Specifications & Features

27.9 cu.ft. Total Capacity, Pull-Out Drawer Freezer

  • Smart Home technology: Built-in WiFi alerts for temperature drops and hands-free autofill dispenser.
  • Innovative design: Door-in-Door with rotating bin, LED light wall, and adjustable temperature drawer enhance storage and accessibility.
  • Fingerprint-resistant stainless may still require occasional cleaning for perfect shine.
  • TwinChill™ evaporators introduce complexity, potentially increasing maintenance needs.
Why We Like This Smart Refrigerator

For higher end rental units, this smart refrigerator is our favorite choice thanks to its smart features like hands free autofill and a LED light wall on the back of the interior.

Best Beverage

COMFEE’ – CRV115TAST Beverage Cooler, 115 Cans Beverage Refrigerator, Adjustable Thermostat

Specifications & Features

3.2 cu.ft. Total Capacity, Adjustable Temperature Thermostat

  • High capacity in compact design: holds up to 115 cans, ideal for limited spaces.
  • Energy-efficient with anti-UV feature, ensuring optimum temperature and preventing cool air leakage.
  • Specific to beverages: not versatile for diverse storage needs.
  • Reliance on a compressor might require more maintenance compared to other cooling methods.
Why We Like This Beverage Refrigerator

Beverage coolers can be a great addition to a rental property and this is our favorite thanks to its storage capacity (115 cans), interior LED light, and great price under $300.

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5 Best Refrigerator Brands

When shopping for a rental property kitchen refrigerator, it is worthwhile to be familiar with the various brands available. Several major brands dominate the market by providing rental property building products that are innovative, efficient, and stylish. Below are the top 5 major refrigerator appliance brands:

Rental Property Refrigerator FAQ

How to Choose the Right Refrigerator for a Rental Property?

Selecting the right refrigerator for a rental property is a crucial decision that impacts tenant satisfaction and operational efficiency. It involves considering factors like size, energy efficiency, durability, and cost. Below is a table summarizing 10 key aspects to consider:

Size and CapacityChoose a size appropriate for the rental space and tenant needs, balancing kitchen dimensions with storage capacity.
Energy EfficiencyOpt for energy-efficient models to reduce utility costs and appeal to environmentally conscious tenants.
DurabilitySelect a refrigerator built to withstand frequent use, considering the wear and tear of rental properties.
CostBalance the initial purchase price with long-term value, including energy costs and maintenance.
Maintenance NeedsConsider models that are easy to maintain and clean, reducing the likelihood of repair calls.
Style and DesignChoose a style that complements the rental property’s kitchen, such as top-freezer, bottom-freezer, or side-by-side designs.
Brand ReputationSelect a brand known for reliability and customer service to ensure support in case of issues.
Noise LevelConsider quieter models to avoid disturbances in small or multi-unit rental properties.
FeaturesEvaluate additional features like ice makers, water dispensers, and smart technology based on tenant preferences and cost.
Warranty and ServiceCheck the warranty and available service options to safeguard against future problems.

Refrigerator Repair and Installation

How to Hire a Rental Property Handyman

How to Hire a Plumber for a Rental Property

Installing a refrigerator might require taking it’s doors off or even installing an ice-maker water line. Handymen can be great resources to get these jobs done, however, it’s important to understand the process of how to hire a handyman to ensure a seamless experience.

Where to Find Appliance Repairmen

How to Find Rental Property Contractors and Service Professionals

Finding qualified appliance repair pros can easily be done with online service directories. These platforms directly connect customers and service providers who can work on whole home installations and repairs from apartment flooring to smoke detectors.

Are Landlords Required to Provide Refrigerators?

Landlords are generally not required to provide refrigerators for rented apartments. The exception would be where local laws do require the landlord to provide basic services and amenities that specifies refrigerator access, or it is stipulated in the lease agreement. Since the decision to provide (or not provide) a refrigerator with a rental unit is ultimately up to the landlord’s discretion, many landlords and multifamily property management companies are opting not to include a refrigerator to reduce maintenance responsibilities and purchasing costs. Typically, if a refrigerator was not provided and/or installed in your unit unit at the time of the lease origination, then the tenant is responsible for purchasing and maintaining their own refrigerator for the duration of their rental agreement.

Are Landlords Responsible for Repairing Refrigerators?

In most rental situations, landlords are typically responsible for maintaining and repairing appliances they have provided, including refrigerators. This is often stipulated in the lease or rental agreement as part of the landlord’s duty to ensure the property is habitable. However, if the damage or malfunction of the refrigerator is a result of the tenant’s negligence or misuse, the landlord may be within their rights to request the tenant cover the repair costs. It’s essential for both parties to thoroughly review and understand the terms of their lease agreement regarding appliance maintenance and repair responsibilities.

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