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What is ACE Hardware?

ACE Hardware Corporation is a major American hardware retailers’ cooperative and the largest non-grocery retail cooperative in the United States. The company was established in 1924 and headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois. It operates as the world’s largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative, boasting over 5,800 locally owned and operated hardware stores across approximately 60 countries. With a significant presence in the U.S., ACE Hardware holds a notable market share in the tool and hardware wholesaling industry, as well as in local hardware stores.

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ACE Hardware Products

ACE Hardware oversees an extensive network of over 5,800 locally owned and operated hardware stores globally. These stores offer construction pros and DIYers convenient access to building products, tool rentals, key cutting, and more.

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ACE Hardware Services

In addition to their physical hardware stores, ACE hardware also offers a service to connect property owners with local professionals for tasks ranging from minor repairs to major renovations.

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Who Owns ACE Hardware?

ACE Hardware is owned by the Ace Hardware Corporation, which operates as a cooperative of independently owned stores. This means that individual store owners are the collective shareholders, who own and operate their respective locations.

Does ACE Hardware Offer a Discount or Loyalty Program For Rental Property Owners?

Yes, ACE Hardware has a program specifically designed for business customers, including rental property owners, through their ACE Business Account. This program provides access to personalized service, volume pricing, and the ability to track purchases.

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