Ultimate List & Guide to Rental Property Documents

Last Updated: May 2024

Rental Property Documents

Rental property documents are important tools of the trade for rental real estate professionals. From buying and selling, to managing rental properties, the entire landlord and tenant relationship relies on what is put in writing. Furthermore, signing these documents no longer needs to be done in-person with pen and paper. New technologies such as digital signatures allow for more efficient and even remote agreements to be executed. Below we take a deep dive into the different types of documents and tools used to execute them.

Agreements and Contracts

Whether you are a Landlord, Property Manager, or Tenant, being familiar with the various contracts used throughout the process rental property leasing, provides you with the confidence and assurance to successfully navigate the rental process. There are countless types of agreements for rental properties, however, some are more frequently used than others such as a residential lease agreement templates.

Notices and Letters

In the world of rental real estate law, important communications need to always be put in writing. This is true for both property owners and also tenants. Some of these notices can be legal in nature; such as a Rent Increase Letter. Others can simply be informational and helpful information such as a Tenant Welcome Letter.

Online Rental Property Documents

Since most Landlords are not savvy Lawyers, there are thankfully many prewritten forms available as templates for property owners and property managers to use without the need to draft one from scratch. These online form templates range from free downloadable PDFs to paid services where you can login to fill them out.

Digital Signatures for Rental Property Documents


Signing agreements with a pen and paper is still commonplace and actually legally required in some situations, but most agreements can be done electronically now. Digital signatures (or e-singing) is a new way of providing a legally binding signature via your computer or smartphone.

Rental Property Law Guides

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