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Rental Real Estate Investor Tools

As a rental real estate investor you will need commonly used industry tools to successfully and profitably operate your investment properties. Below we explore some of the most common and useful real estate investor tools for landlords.

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Real Estate Investor Tool Categories

Rental Property Calculators

Purchasing, selling, and holding rental real estate requires in-depth analysis. Real estate calculators are helpful tools to quickly analyze and calculate important financial metrics such as NOI (Net Operating Income) and Capitalization Rates (Cap Rate).

Rental Real Estate Industry Companies

Rental Real Estate Companies

Rental real estate industry companies play a pivotal role in the dynamic world of property investments, bridging the gap between property owners and tenants. These companies cater to various property types including residential, commercial, and industrial, and more.

Rental Property Documents

Rental property documents are important tools of the trade for rental real estate professionals. From renting out a piece of vacant land, to managing a senior housing facility, the entire landlord and tenant relationship relies on what is put in writing (rather hard-copy pen and paper or digital signature).

Rental Real Estate Software

Rental Real Estate Software

Rental real estate software is used for everything from doing pre-acquisition research, to post-acquisition property management, and ranges from property management software, tenant screening software, property maintenance software, real estate data software, and more.

Rental Property Building Products

Rental Property Building Products

Every piece of rental real estate is built with thousands or even millions of different types of products and materials. From the entry door handle to the overhead light bulb, each rental property building product has its own unique purpose.

Building Material & Product Suppliers

Building Material & Product Suppliers

No matter the size of your rental property investment operation, a big component of any investor’s budget will be spent at building material suppliers.  Staying familiar with the various vendors is a worthwhile endeavor for all rental real estate investors.

Real Estate Listing Platforms

Rental Sales, Leasing & Marketing

Rental property marketing is a vital component for buying, selling, and leasing rental properties. Whether you are an agent, broker, landlord, real estate investor, or anyone else involved in the broader real estate industry, understanding and effectively using real estate marketing can be one of your most powerful tools.

Rental Property Contractor & Service Professional Directories

Contractor & Service Pro Directories

The best way to find quality contractors is coincidentally word of mouth from other real estate investors. Alternatively, online service professional directories are also great real estate investor tools to find qualified contractors, installers, repairmen and service technicians at reasonable prices.

Rental Real Estate Jobs

Rental Real Estate Jobs

The world of rental real estate is vast, and so are the job opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in the field. Rental real estate job opportunities range the full spectrum of real estate including sales and leasing, administrative, managerial, maintenance and construction.

Rental Real Estate Terminology

Rental Real Estate Terminology

The world of rental real estate is a vast industry with many different technical terms, unofficial slang words and industry specific acronyms. Our glossary of rental real estate terminology contains a comprehensive list of all the essential terms that real estate professionals need to be familiar with.

Student Housing Property Management

Rental Education Resources

Learning about new subjects can always be intimidating at first; especially when it is such a big topic like rental real estate. Thankfully, there are several great real estate learning resources that  provide best-in-class information no matter where you are at in your investing journey.

Real Estate Investor Tools FAQ

What are Real Estate Investor Tools?

Rental Real Estate Tools

Real estate investor tools are any type of online or physical resource designed to streamline property investment processes, enabling investors to analyze, manage, and effectively optimize their portfolios.

Best Rental Real Estate Investor Tools

Among the countless number of real estate investor tools available, in every category a few stand out above and beyond others. Below we highlight our top picks for each category.

Best Residential Rental Listing Platform

Best Residential Buying & Selling Platform

Best Commercial Data Software

CoStar Group

Best Rental Real Estate Data Software

Best Residential Property Management Software

AppFolio Property Manager

Best Commercial Property Management Software


Best Building Product & Material Supplier

Home Depot

Best Contractor & Service Pro Directories


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