5 Best Paint Brands For a Rental Property in 2023

Last Updated: April 2023

Rental Property Paint Brands

Choosing a paint brand for your rental property can seem overwhelming at first. The reality is that each major brand offers different levels of quality, which can be used depending on the job. If painting an apartment living room, you may want to use a mid to higher quality of paint to holdup throughout the years. If painting the inside of a garage, spending extra for a higher quality might not be the best decision. While each brand may have different levels of quality, it is important to at least be familiar with major brands. 

Best Rental Property Paint Brands

Below we explore the top 5 paint brands for rental properties based on 5 different factors that landlords should consider when determining which brand of paint  is best for their rental property investment.


Why We Like Behr

As the exclusive paint of Home Depot, Behr has many options to choose from and is readily available.

Benjamin Moore

Known for its higher-standard of quality, Benjamin Moore Paints originated in 1883 by a few brothers, and in 1982 introduced one of the first-ever computerized color-matching systems. Benjamin Moore can be found at independent retailers or at any Ace Hardware store.

Why We Like Benjamin Moore

Readily available at any Ace Hardware store, Benjamin Moore is a high-quality paint that is pricey, but provides easy application and great coverage.


Dunn Edwards is a superior quality paint brand often the primary choice of painting professionals. The quality and durability is commonly believed to be well worth the price. Dunn Edwards paint products can be most commonly found in its own Dunn-Edwards  branded retail stores.

Why We Like Dunn Edwards

As a frequent choice of paint professionals, Dunn Edwards paint is a top quality and long lasting paint for your project.


Founded in 1921 by a sea captain after he noticed that fish oil spilled on rusty metal decks stopped corrosion from spreading, this brand is the industry leader in specialty rust-preventative, decorative, specialty, industrial paint products.

Why We Like Rustoleum

As a paint brand used for primarily painting metals, rest assured that your paint job is preventing corrosion while looking great at the same time.


As the pioneer of selling ready-mixed paint in 1875, Sherwin-Williams is a longstanding brand of paint used by professionals. It can be most commonly found in its own Sherwin-Williams branded retail stores.

Why We Like Sherwin-Williams

While Sherwin Williams may be a little pricey, you’ll be sure that you have a quality paint that covers well and lasts.

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Rental Property Painting FAQ

Should Landlords Let Tenants Paint Their Unit?

Short Answer: Yes – As long as there are written rules in place and sufficient security deposit to cover the cost of repainting back to the original color, allowing tenants to paint the interior of their unit can increase their satisfaction with the rental unit, potentially encouraging them to stay longer and take better care of the property.

Whether a landlord should allow a tenant to paint the inside of their rental unit is a common request among residential rental properties. Some landlords have a standard no-policy, and others will consider the request within certain guidelines. The no-policy can be good for simplicity and standardized operating procedures; especially when there are many tenants to manage. Conversely, allowing tenants to paint can increase their satisfaction with the rental unit, potentially encouraging them to stay longer and take better care of the property. If it is approved, there will need to be written guidelines regarding the quality of the work, color choice, and costs associated with remedying potential damage to floors, fixtures, or other surfaces, if the tenant fails to return the walls to their original color. 

Where to Find Rental Property Painters?

Service Pros

Finding qualified, honest, and reliable construction pros can sometimes be more challenging than anticipated. The best way to find quality painters is usually word of mouth from a neighbor or other real estate investors, however there is a new alternative – online home service directories. These platforms directly connect customers and service providers who can work on whole home repairs from rental property water heaters to apartment washer and dryers.

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