5 Best Door Handles For a Rental Property in 2024

Last Updated: January 2024

Door handles are unsurprisingly one of the most used building fixtures in a rental property. Since door handles are something that people physically interact with, it is important to choose the right one that best fits your rental property’s needs. For a multi-unit rental apartment, a durable low priced option might be a good choice, where a commercial grade handle with changeable lock cylinder is likely the best option any type of commercial property.

Best Rental Property Door Handles

Best OverallBest EconomyBest KeylessBest SmartBest Commercial
Amazon Basics - Shelby Entry Door Lever with Lock
Amazon Basics – Shelby Entry Door Lever with Lock
Copper Creek - BK2040SS Ball Door Knob Keyed Entry
Copper Creek – BK2040SS Ball Door Knob Keyed Entry
Kwikset - SmartCode 917 Keypad With Deadbolt
Kwikset – SmartCode 917 Keypad With Deadbolt
Sifely - Keyless Entry with Keypad & Biometric
Sifely – Keyless Entry with Keypad & Biometric
Master Lock - SLCHKE26D Keyed Commercial Lever
Master Lock – SLCHKE26D Keyed Commercial Lever

Below we explore the top 5 door handles  for rental properties based on 5 different factors that landlords and property managers should consider when determining which door handle is best for their rental property.

Best Overall

Buying Options

Amazon Basics – Shelby Entry Door Lever with Lock


Keyed Entry Lock, Reversible (Right & Left)

  • As an Amazon Basics branded product, there is a great mix of value and quality
  • Several alternative color finishes and keyed options (entry, privacy, passage)
  • Could wear out over time and need replacement
  • Functionality might not be as smooth as other higher end door handles
Why We Like This Overall Door Handle

This door handle checks all the boxes for a rental property. Reasonably priced (under $25), stylish design with different color options, and over 3,000 (generally positive) user reviews. If you are a Prime member, you could even get it shipped to the jobsite almost same-day.

Best Economy

Copper Creek – BK2040SS Ball Door Knob with Keyed Entry Function


Keyed Entry Lock, ANSI Grade-3 Security Keyed Entry Ball Knob

  • Great price to quality ratio handle
  • Metal, steel, brass, zinc, etc with alternative color finishes
  • Locking mechanism not as responsive as other higher end handles
  • Potential concerns with long term durability and high usage
Why We Like This Economy Door Handle

For less than $15 for a keyed-entry knob (other non-keyed options are cheaper), this door handle is a great option for landlords on a tight budget. It is available in many different functions and finish colors.

Best Keyless

Kwikset – SmartCode 917 Keypad Keyless Entry Electronic Lever Deadbolt with Tustin Door Handle


Keyless (or keyed) Entry Lock, Reversible (Right & Left), Code Keypad

  • Customizable keypad with optional key for locking/unlocking
  • Established brand name known for quality door handles and locks
  • Cost is higher than basic standard door levers
  • Batteries will need to be changed periodically depending on frequency of use
Why We Like This Keyless Door Handle

Many landlords (including our team) are choosing to go keyless. This door handle has a built-in keypad and is a great keyless option that is manufactured by one of the most trusted brands in door handles (Kwikset).

Best Smart

Sifely – Keyless Entry Door Lock with Passcode Keypad and Biometric Fingerprint


5-in1 Access: Fingerprint + Code + Fob + Smartphone + Key, Reversible (Right & Left)

  • 5 ways to unlock – fingerprint, code, fob, smartphone, and key
  • Great price for relative amount of features
  • Potential concerns with long term durability and sourcing replacement parts
  • Limited customer support and help in event of malfunction
Why We Like This Smart Door Handle

For under $100 with over 6,000 reviews, this smart door lock is packed with great features for those looking to add a reasonably priced smart lock to their rental property. It is smartphone compatible and has many innovative ways to lock/unlock.

Best Commercial

Master Lock – Keyed Entry Commercial Lever SLCHKE26D


Keyed Entry (Exterior Compatible, Six Pin Schlage C Compatible Cylinder, 3HR UL, Meets ANSI/BHMA A156.2, Grade 2 standards

  • Well established and quality brand in the door handle industry
  • Changeable key-cylinders to continually reuse handle
  • Cost is higher than traditional residential door handles
  • Slightly more complex mechanical functionality
Why We Like This Commercial Door Handle

Commercial door locks are built to withstand high amounts of usage (i.e. turns). This door handle is built by the most reputable brand in the lock space (Masterlock), has a changeable cylinder for re-keys, and meets many safety standards required in commercial applications.

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Rental Property Door Handle FAQ

Are Landlords Responsible for Repairing Broken Door Handles at a Rental Property?

When it comes to broken door handles (or door knobs) at a leased rental property, the responsibility to repair usually falls on the landlord or property management company to repair. However, it can also fall on the tenant in certain circumstances. For cases of defective building products through “normal use”, a landlord would generally be obligated to repair. Another case where the landlord would be responsible to repair, is to maintain a reasonable level of safety rental property. An example of this would be if the front main entry door handle broke. Conversely, door handles that are broken due to tenant misuse or destruction may be the responsibility of the tenant to repair. These instances are usually assessed on a case-by-case clarification between landlord and tenant and would have to ultimately be settled based on local landlord tenant laws if disputed. Furthermore, locks that have been purchased and installed by a tenant are usually not the responsibility of a landlord to repair. It is best practice for both landlords and tenants to assess each situation thoroughly before assigning responsibility to repair to one another.

Door Handle Repair and Installation Pros

How to Hire a Rental Property Handyman

How to Hire a Handyman for a Rental Property

Repairing and installing rental property door handles can be a common job for investors and managers with many doors. Understanding the process of how to hire a handyman to install a rental property door handles can make the job a smooth experience.

Where to Find Rental Property Pros

How to Find Rental Property Contractors and Service Professionals

Finding qualified, honest, and reliable service pros can easily be done with online service directories. These platforms directly connect customers and service providers who can work on whole home installations and repairs from toilets to smart locks.

Are Tenants Allowed to Change Door Handles in Rental Property?

In the majority of cases, if a tenant wants to change out any pre-installed door handles to their own, they will need permission from their landlord or property management company. If permission is granted, the tenant will usually assume full responsibility for any potential costs and damages resulting from new door handle installation. Additionally, the landlord may require that the new door handle is professionally installed by a qualified tradesperson for liability reasons. Be sure to keep the old door handle to reinstall if you ever decide to vacate. This ensures that the rental property is restored back to its original condition and reduces the chance of a security deposit deduction. If you are a tenant and plan to change out a door handle, it is best practice to just talk to your landlord or property management company to discuss your plans with them beforehand.

Who Pays for the Locksmith if a Tenant Gets Locked out?

Losing keys or getting accidentally locked out can be a very frustrating experience. Depending on the type of property, if a property management office or landlord cannot assist, then calling a locksmith is typically the only other option to regain access. If the lockout was caused by tenant negligence (e.g. forgetting or losing keys), then the costs and responsibility falls on the tenant. If a landlord has to pay for these costs, they may require reimbursement from the tenant to the landlord. Due to the commonness of this type of event, most rental property lease agreements contain language within them that specify lockouts due to tenant negligence are the financial responsibility of the tenant. Be sure to check your lease agreement. Conversely, lockout costs that are related to legal matters (i.e. evictions) are generally the responsibility of the landlord as commonly found in most local real estate laws. It is important to understand exactly who is responsible should a lock-related emergency occur – in most cases that would be either the landlord or tenant depending on the cause of the lock-out incident.

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