5 Best EV Chargers For a Rental Property in 2024

Last Updated: December 2023

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming an increasingly essential amenity for all types of rental properties, especially as the number of EV drivers continue to grow. As a property owner or manager, installing an EV charger can enhance the value of your property and even provide an additional income stream. Among the many rental property EV chargers available, consider factors such as charging speed, cost, ease of installation, and user accessibility.

Best EV Chargers for a Rental Property

ChargePoint – CT 400EvoCharge – iEVSEBlink – IQ200Enel X – JuiceBox Pro 40Flo – CoRe+ Series

Below we explore the top 5 EV chargers for rental properties based on 5 different factors that landlords, developers, and property managers should consider when determining which type of EV charger is best for their property.

ChargePoint – CT4000


Level 2 Commercial Charging

  • The ChargePoint CT4000 is energy-efficient as the first ENERGY STAR® certified EV charger and offers an enhanced driver experience through its integration with the ChargePoint app​​.
  • It is highly versatile with various configurations, including different mounting options and cable lengths, ensuring compatibility with different vehicles and maintaining parking lot neatness​​.
  • The advanced features and integration with ChargePoint’s cloud software might lead to higher initial and operational costs.
  • Its requirement for cloud software integration adds complexity in management and setup, potentially challenging for less tech-savvy users​.
Why We Like The ChargePoint CT4000

The ChargePoint CT4000 EV charger stands out for its energy efficiency as the first ENERGY STAR® certified charger, offering an eco-friendly charging solution. Its seamless integration with the ChargePoint app enhances user convenience, making it a top choice for both commercial and residential settings.

EvoCharge – iEVSE


Level 2 Commercial Charging

  • Universally compatible with all EVs and PHEVs in the U.S. and Canada, including Tesla with an adapter.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for smart charging, including controlled access, performance tracking, and Local Load Management for efficient power distribution.
  • Installation may require professional assistance due to the need for a 240V electrical setup and optional hardwiring.
  • While weather-resistant with a NEMA 4 rating, the charger’s long-term durability in extreme weather conditions and high-use scenarios is not explicitly detailed.
Why We Like The EvoCharge iEVSE

The EvoCharge iEVSE charger impresses with its universal compatibility and efficient charging capabilities, easily accommodating a wide range of electric vehicles including Tesla models with an adapter. Its advanced Wi-Fi connectivity and smart charging options, including Local Load Management, make it a top choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile EV charging solution.

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Level 2 Commercial Charging

  • The Blink IQ 200 is one of the fastest Level 2 chargers, offering up to 65 miles of charge per hour with its 80 amp output.
  • It boasts versatile installation options, including wall, pole, and pedestal mounts, and supports variable charging currents for flexible deployment.
  • Its operation is limited to the Blink Network, potentially restricting accessibility for users in areas without this network.
  • The high power output may require significant electrical system upgrades in some locations, posing a challenge for existing infrastructures.

The Blink IQ 200 Level 2 charger stands out for its rapid charging ability, efficiently delivering up to 65 miles of charge per hour, making it a game-changer for EV owners. Its versatile installation options and adjustable charging currents offer unparalleled flexibility, catering to a wide range of settings and user preferences.

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Enel X – JuiceBox Pro 40


Level 2 Commercial Charging

  • The JuiceBox Pro 40 likely offers rapid Level 2 charging speeds, significantly reducing charging time compared to standard chargers.
  • It probably includes smart features like WiFi connectivity for remote management and scheduling to optimize charging efficiency.
  • Such advanced commercial chargers typically come with a higher price tag due to their enhanced capabilities.
  • Installation may be complex, often requiring professional setup and electrical upgrades in commercial environments.
Why We Like The Enel X Way JuiceBox Pro 40

The JuiceBox Pro 40 Commercial charger is celebrated for its swift Level 2 charging capability, making it a time-efficient choice for busy commercial settings. Its smart connectivity features, including remote management and efficient scheduling, add a layer of convenience and control, highly appreciated by users.

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Flo – CoRe+ Series


Level 2 Commercial Charging

  • The FLO CoRe+ Series charger offers quick, reliable charging in a variety of settings and is durable enough to withstand extreme weather.
  • It features versatile installation options and PowerSharing technology, allowing efficient power management across multiple charging stations.
  • The standard CoRe+ model’s output current range is limited to 6 A to 30 A, which may not be sufficient for all users or vehicles.
  • The charger’s performance specifics in extreme weather conditions are not fully detailed, potentially raising concerns for use in harsh environments.
Why We Like The Flo CoRe+ Series

The FLO CoRe+ Series Level 2 EV Charger is lauded for its rapid and dependable charging capabilities, making it an ideal choice for various commercial settings. Its robust design, capable of enduring harsh weather conditions, coupled with flexible installation and innovative PowerSharing technology, significantly enhances its appeal to users seeking a versatile and efficient charging solution.

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Rental Property EV Charger FAQ

What are the Benefits of Installing EV Chargers at Rental Properties?

Installing EV chargers in rental properties can significantly enhance the property’s appeal to a growing demographic of environmentally conscious tenants who own or plan to own electric vehicles. This addition can lead to higher tenant satisfaction and retention rates, as it offers a convenient charging solution for residents. Furthermore, it positions the property as a forward-thinking, eco-friendly option in the competitive rental market, potentially attracting a broader range of prospective tenants.

How to Choose the Right Type of EV Charger for Rental Property?

When choosing the right type of EV charger for a rental property, it’s important to consider various factors that match the property’s needs and the preferences of potential tenants. This decision impacts not only the initial installation but also the long-term viability and appeal of the property. Below is a table to guide you through this process:

Type of PropertyAssess whether the property is residential, commercial, or mixed-use, as this influences the type of charger suitable.
Tenant DemographicsConsider the likely EV usage patterns of tenants; different tenant profiles might have different charging needs.
Charger Speed (Level 1, 2, 3)Choose between Level 1 (slow), Level 2 (medium), and Level 3 (fast) chargers based on the expected frequency and speed of charging required.
Installation SpaceEvaluate the available space for installation, including parking areas and proximity to electrical infrastructure.
Budget ConstraintsDetermine the budget for both installation and ongoing maintenance, influencing the type and number of chargers installed.
Electrical CapacityCheck the existing electrical capacity of the property to decide if upgrades are needed for higher-level chargers.
Future ScalabilityConsider the potential for future expansion or upgrades to the charging infrastructure.
Smart Charging CapabilitiesDecide if smart chargers, which offer remote monitoring and management, are necessary for your property.
Regulatory ComplianceEnsure the chosen chargers comply with local regulations, building codes, and safety standards.
Environmental SustainabilityEvaluate if the chargers align with any sustainability goals or green initiatives of the property.

EV Charger Repair and Installation

How to Hire a Rental Property Electrician

How to Hire an Electrician for a Rental Property

Installing an EV charger requires assessing a property’s current electrical supply and installation planning, and licensed electricians possess the expertise to get the job done. Understanding the process of hiring an electrician to install a rental property EV charger can make the job a smooth experience.

Where to Find an EV Charger Installer

Finding qualified, honest, and reliable service pros can easily be done with online service directories.These platforms directly connect customers and service providers who can do everything from installing rental property security cameras to servicing a tenant apartment refrigerator.

What are the Costs of Installing and Maintaining EV Charges at Rental Properties?

The initial costs of installing EV chargers at rental properties include the purchase of charging units and installation fees, which can vary depending on the charger type and infrastructure requirements. Ongoing costs involve maintenance, electricity usage, and potentially network service fees if smart chargers are used. Property owners can explore incentives and rebates offered by governments or utility companies to offset some of these costs, making the investment in rental property construction more financially feasible.

How Does an EV Charger Installation Impact Property Values and Attractiveness to Potential Tenants?

Among the many rental property building products that can be installed to enhance property value, installing an EV charger is one of the best methods to increase a rental property’s value by modernizing the amenities offered and catering to the growing number of EV drivers. It not only adds a tangible asset but also signals to potential and current tenants that the property is keeping pace with technological advancements and sustainability trends. This modern amenity can differentiate a property in a competitive market, potentially allowing for higher rental rates and attracting a more environmentally conscious tenant base.

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