5 Best Tool Brands for Rental Property Owners

Last Updated February 2023

Best Tool Brands

If you intend to take an active role in managing your rental property, you should at least be familiar with the basics of building construction tools. You would be surprised how much money you could save by using a wrench to turn off gushing water during a flood, or using a screwdriver to tighten a loose door handle. Below we explore the top 5 best tools brands for aspiring landlords based on 5 different factors to consider when determining which type of brand of tool is best for their rental property investment.



Why We Like Makita Tools


Why We Like Dewalt Tools


Why We Like Ridgid Tools


Rental Property Tool FAQ

Where to Buy Tools?

Any of these best tool brands can be purchased in many different ways. The truth about purchasing tools is that they are usually purchased on an as-needed basis. To further complicate this, the necessity to purchase usually arises during the middle of a job. This urgency leads to most tools being purchased at nearby home improvement retailers or local hardware stores. Ideally, tools can be purchased in advance online which allows for price comparison shopping. Alternatively, tools can be purchased in used condition at significant discounts on consumer-to-consumer marketplaces such as Facebook or Craigslist.

Do I Need to Own Tools as a Landlord?

A common question that new landlords ask themselves is “Do I need to have tools to be a landlord?”. The answer mostly depends on what type of rental property you have and what type of landlord you intend to be. If you own and self-manage a single-family rental or even a 4-unit multifamily apartment, then it is probably worthwhile to own a set of basic tools. Performing basic repairs such as tightening some cabinets or installing new door handle can save you some time and money. If you are a commercial landlord with outsourced property management, then there will likely be minimal things you should personally and directly do with tools. Larger properties with many units or commercial properties with tenants who are responsible for maintenance, are best left for professionals to address any issues.

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