5 Best Solar Panel Providers For Rental Property in 2024

Last Updated: April 2024

Solar panels for rental properties can help a property’s bottom line with sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions. The best solar providers offer a combination of high-quality panels, reliable installation services, and tailored support to meet the unique needs of rental properties. They ensure that the investment in solar technology not only reduces energy bills but also increases property value and attracts eco-conscious tenants.

Best Rental Property Solar Panel Providers

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Below we explore the top 5 solar providers for rental properties based on 5 different factors that landlords, developers, and property managers should consider when determining which type of solar provider is best for their property.


Why We Like SunPower

SunPower excels in delivering high-efficiency solar panels, with their cutting-edge technology ensuring maximum energy production and sustainability. Their customer service is noteworthy, providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout the installation process and beyond. Additionally, the long-term durability and reliability of their products make them a smart investment for those seeking eco-friendly and cost-effective energy solutions.


SunPower Corporation specializes in providing advanced photovoltaic solar energy generation systems and battery energy storage solutions, primarily catering to residential customers. The company’s product range includes high-efficiency solar panels, and integrated solar-plus-storage systems. SunPower’s products are known for their durability and long-lasting performance, ensuring a reliable and efficient energy source for their customers.


  • High-efficiency solar panels with one of the most efficient options available in the market.
  • Panels used by NASA for space missions, indicating high reliability and advanced technology.
  • Panels are known for being durable and long-lasting, offering significant value over time.


  • More expensive than other options in the market, which could be a barrier for some customers.
  • Some reported issues with microinverters, which are crucial components of solar panel systems.
  • The availability of products is limited in certain states, which could restrict access for some potential customers.

Why We Like SunRun

Sunsun impresses with its comprehensive solar solutions, offering high-quality solar panels paired with the efficient Tesla Powerwall battery for optimal energy storage and management. Their inclusion of an additional insurance policy for panel theft and damage adds a layer of security and customer confidence in their investment. Moreover, Sunrun’s diverse product range, including solar panels, batteries, and EV chargers, demonstrates their commitment to meeting the evolving energy needs of modern homeowners.


Sunrun is renowned for its comprehensive range of residential solar energy solutions. They offer customized solar panel installations tailored to meet the specific energy needs and preferences of homeowners. In addition to solar panels, Sunrun provides integrated battery storage systems, allowing customers to store excess solar energy for use during peak hours or outages. Their service includes professional installation, system monitoring, and continuous maintenance support, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the solar systems.


  • Offers additional insurance policy that covers panel theft and damage, providing extra security and peace of mind.
  • Free maintenance on the Tesla Powerwall battery, ensuring reliability and efficiency of the energy storage system.
  • Large range of products is available, including solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicle (EV) chargers.


  • Reports of poor customer service, as evidenced by reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.
  • Shorter warranty coverage for customers who choose to pay in cash or through a loan.
  • Lack of clear information on how solar leases might affect a customer’s qualification for incentives.
ADT Solar

Why We Like ADT Solar

ADT Solar stands out for its exceptional 25-year guarantee on solar systems, instilling confidence in their long-term performance and reliability. The company’s comprehensive service, including free consultation, permitting assistance, and roofing support, simplifies the solar installation process for homeowners. Furthermore, their range of solar products, such as the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase IQ battery, combined with the flexibility of stackable battery options, makes ADT Solar a versatile and customer-centric choice for residential solar energy solutions.

ADT Solar

ADT Solar, primarily an installer rather than a manufacturer of solar equipment, offers a range of solar panels with a focus on quality and longevity, ensuring each panel comes with a 25-year warranty and production guarantee. They have chosen Enphase microinverters for all their installations, a top brand known for its efficiency and a long warranty. For energy storage solutions, ADT Solar provides options like the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase IQ battery, both highly rated for their configurability and stackability. ​​.


  • 25-Year guarantee, ensuring long-term reliability and performance of their solar systems.
  • Free consultation service to help customers understand their solar options and  best solutions for their needs.
  • Handles all aspects of permitting and also offers roofing support, making it a comprehensive solution.


  • Services are not available in all states, limiting its accessibility to potential customers across the U.S.
  • Does not offer in-house financing, which could limit options for flexible payment solutions.
  • Has received negative reviews for poor customer service and issues with automated calls.
Blue Raven

Why We Like Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar excels with its affordable financing options, including zero-down payment plans, making solar energy systems more attainable for a broad range of homeowners. Their commitment to quality is evident in their 25-year workmanship and product warranty, assuring customers of the long-term durability and performance of their solar installations. Additionally, Blue Raven’s 2-year production guarantee and over 200,000 successful installations underscore their reliability and expertise in providing efficient solar energy solutions.

Blue Raven

Blue Raven Solar is recognized as one of the top solar installation companies in the U.S. that specializes in offering high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels from various manufacturers including Canadian Solar and Trina, and uses SunPower panels in most of their installations. These panels are known for their long lifespan of 25–40 years and high efficiency rates. Blue Raven also provides the SunPower SunVault solar battery for energy storage, which is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can operate as a backup power source. Blue Raven’s services include in-house solar panel and solar battery installation, and system monitoring.


  • Affordable financing options, including zero-down financing, making systems accessible to wider range of customers.
  • 25-year workmanship and product warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and peace of mind for their customers.
  • 2-year production guarantee, ensuring that the panels perform as expected and deliver the promised energy output.


  • Pricing information is not readily available online, which may inconvenience potential customers looking for quick cost estimates.
  • Services are not available in all states, limiting its reach and accessibility to potential customers across the U.S.
  • Does not offer battery storage solutions, which could be a limitation for customers interested in comprehensive energy storage systems.
Freedom Forever

Why We Like Freedom Forever

Freedom Forever distinguishes itself in the solar industry with its extensive reach, serving 28 states across the U.S., and offering flexible financing options like cash purchases, solar loans, leases, and PPAs to accommodate a wide range of homeowner needs. They boast robust warranties, including a 25-year production guarantee, coupled with a commitment to quality, highlighted by their partnerships with top-tier brands and a swift installation process. This approach not only demonstrates their dedication to customer satisfaction but also ensures reliability and long-term performance of their solar installations.

Freedom Forever

Freedom Forever caters primarily to residential customers and with occasional commercial installations. They provide a variety of solar panels, partnering with leading manufacturers like Trina, Panasonic, and LG to ensure quality and efficiency. The company manages the entire solar installation process, including custom design, permit acquisition, and professional installation, ensuring systems are tailored to each home’s energy needs and structural considerations. They also collaborate with companies like Tesla and Sunrun for solar battery installations, enabling efficient energy storage solutions tailored to individual needs.


  • Available in 28 states, offering wide accessibility to customers seeking solar energy solutions across a broad geographic area.
  • Fast installation process, ensuring that customers can quickly begin benefiting from their solar energy systems.
  • Comprehensive warranties for their solar products, providing customers with confidence in longevity and performance.


  • Mixed customer reviews, indicating varying experiences with their service quality, installation, and customer support.
  • Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and several concerns about overall service quality and reliability.
  • Customer reviews show concerns about performance and installation quality, and the after-sales support has been rated poorly.

EV Charger Repair and Installation

How to Hire a Rental Property Electrician

How to Hire an Electrician for a Rental Property

Installing an EV charger requires assessing a property’s current electrical supply and installation planning, and licensed electricians possess the expertise to get the job done. Understanding the process of hiring an electrician to install a rental property EV charger can make the job a smooth experience.

Where to Find a Solar Installer

Finding qualified, honest, and reliable service pros can easily be done with online service directories.These platforms directly connect customers and service providers who can do everything from installing rental property security cameras to servicing a tenant apartment refrigerator.

Rental Property Solar Provider FAQ

What are the Cost and Financing Options of Rental Property Solar?

When considering the installation of solar panels for rental properties, understanding the various cost and financing options is crucial. These options can significantly affect the affordability and rental property construction feasibility of the project. Below is a table to provide clarity on this topic:

AspectDescriptionSample Pricing
Initial Installation CostsCosts for purchasing and installing solar panels, including labor, equipment, and modifications.$15,000 – $30,000+
Government IncentivesTax credits, rebates, or grants from governments to offset initial costs.Varies by location
Solar LeasingLeasing solar panels; a third-party owns the system, with a monthly fee.$50 – $250 per month
Power Purchase AgreementsThird-party installs and maintains the system; property buys power at a set rate.$0.10 – $0.20 per kWh
Loan ProgramsLoans for financing renewable energy projects, like solar loans or green mortgages.Interest rates 3% – 8%
Return on InvestmentLong-term financial benefits versus initial costs, considering energy savings and property value.Varies widely
Maintenance CostsCosts for maintaining and repairing the solar panel system.$100 – $800 per year
Insurance CostsAdditional insurance costs to cover the solar panel system.$100 – $500 per year
Energy SavingsReduction in energy bills due to solar power generation.20% – 50% of energy bills
Resale Value EnhancementIncrease in property value due to the addition of solar panels.3% – 4% of property value
Sample Pricing provided is indicative and may vary based on location, scale of installation, and specific market conditions.

What is the Process for Installing Solar Panels in a Rental Property?

The process begins with a consultation and site assessment to determine the property’s suitability for solar panels and to design an appropriate system. Following the assessment, the provider will handle the necessary permits and paperwork, which varies by location and can include building permits and grid connection approvals. Installation typically takes a few days to a week, depending on the size and complexity of the system, and should ideally be scheduled to minimize disruption to tenants. Post-installation, the solar provider will usually offer training or information sessions for tenants and property managers on how to best utilize and maintain the solar system.

How Does Solar Installation Impact Property Value and Rent Potential?

Solar panel installations on rental properties can significantly increase property value by improving energy efficiency and reducing utility costs, which is an attractive selling point for environmentally conscious tenants. The presence of solar panels often leads to higher rental yields, as tenants are willing to pay more for the benefits of sustainable living and lower energy bills. Additionally, properties equipped with solar panels can have a competitive edge in the rental market, appealing to a growing demographic of renters who prioritize eco-friendly building products at their residences.

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