5 Best Thermostats For a Rental Property in 2023

Last Updated: April 2023

Up until the Nest Smart Thermostat broke onto the market, thermostats were generally basic and boring knobs (sometimes digital screens) that you only cared about when too hot or too cold. The advent of the “smart thermostat” product category prompted many manufacturers to start innovating their own versions of smart thermostats. Choosing the right thermostat for your rental property will most depend on what type of rental property it is, such as an economical multifamily rental unit or luxury vacation rental.

Best Rental Property Thermostats

Below we explore the top 5 thermostats for rental properties based on 5 different factors that landlords and property managers should consider when determining which type of thermostat is best for their rental property.

Best Overall Thermostat

Honeywell Home – 5-2 Day Programmable Digital Thermostat


Digital, Programmable

Why We Like This Thermostat Overall

Most digital thermostats are either expensive or too complicated. For under $50, this digital thermostat provides the perfect blend of modern features with the ability to easily control heating and cooling.

Best Economy Thermostat

Emerson – NP110 Non-Programmable Single Stage Thermostat



Why We Like This Economy Thermostat

If you are looking for the most cost efficient thermostat to control heating and cooling, this basic thermostat will get the job done for under $25. Emerson is a well known brand in consumer electronics so rest assured this thermostat is built with quality.

Best Smart Thermostat

ecobee – Smart Thermostat Premium – Siri & Alexa Compatible, Built in Air Quality Monitor, Smart Sensor


Programmable, Touchscreen, WiFi Control Remotely

Why We Like This Smart Thermostat

The amount of advanced features that come with this thermostat is very impressive – air quality monitoring, auto location-based adjusting, and is compatible with almost all major smart home brands. It is reasonably priced for under $250 and has cheaper versions available as well.

Best Premium Thermostat

Google Nest – Learning Thermostat Smart Programmable for Home, Alexa Compatible


Programmable and Self-Learning, Touchscreen, Wifi Control Remotely

Why We Like This Premium Thermostat

The original Nest thermostat is one of the pioneers of smart thermostats. Its interface is very easy to use and looks amazing on any wall. The build is very durable and can easily be controlled from a distance via WiFi.

Best Commercial Thermostat

Honeywell – TC500 Commercial Wireless Smart Thermostat – Heat Pump and Conventional


Programmable, Touchscreen, WiFi Control Remotely

Why We Like This Commercial Thermostat

Since many residential thermostats do not work with commercial heating and cooling systems, commercial thermostats tend to be boring and costly. This Honeywell thermostat is packed with features, wrapped in a modern and elegant touchscreen design, at a reasonable price.

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Rental Property Thermostat FAQ

Where to Find a HVAC Pro for Thermostat Repair and installation

Service Pros

Finding qualified, honest, and reliable service pros can sometimes be more challenging than anticipated. The best way to find quality HVAC pros to repair or install a rental property thermostat is usually word of mouth from a neighbor or other real estate investors, however there is a new alternative – online service directories. These platforms directly connect customers and service providers who can work on whole home installations and repairs from rental property ceiling fans to door handles.

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