5 Best Door Handles For a Rental Property in 2022

Last Updated July 2022

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Door handles are unsurprisingly one of the most used fixtures in any building. Since door handles are something that people physically interact with, it is important to choose the right one that best fits your rental property goals. For a multi-unit rental apartment, maybe a durable but low priced option might be a good option since you will have to buy many for the many doors. For a commercial property, a commercial grade handle with changeable lock cylinder is likely the best option since it will get frequent use and will need to stand up. Below we explore the top 5 door handles  for rental properties based on 5 different factors that landlords should consider when determining which door handle is best for their rental property investment.

Best Overall

Amazon Basics – Shelby Entry Door Lever with Lock

Best Economy

Copper Creek – BK2030SS Ball Door Knob with Privacy Function

Best Premium

Baldwin – Prestige Madrina Entry Lever featuring SmartKey

Best Smart

Sifely – Keyless Entry Door Lock with Passcode Keypad and Biometric Fingerprint

Best Commercial

Master Lock – Keyed Entry Commercial Lever SLCHKE26D

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