Ultimate List of Commercial Real Estate Listing Websites

Last Updated: January 2024

Commercial Listing Platforms

Commercial real estate listing websites specialize in helping commercial property investors and tenants search for commercial space. Investors looking to buy or sell, can post or browse listings of commercial properties. Commercial property owners looking to sell also benefit from these platforms by getting their listings in front of countless potential buyers specifically looking for commercial properties.

Top 30 Commercial Real Estate Listing Websites

We’ve compiled together the most comprehensive list of commercial real estate for sale and lease listing websites. Our searchable and filterable list below is a helpful tool to help find the right commercial real estate listing website for you.

Types of Commercial Real Estate Listings

Most Commercial real estate listings can be broken down into 2 distinct categories:

A. Transaction Type

The first is the type of transaction. Examples of commercial real estate transactions include sales (buying or selling), leasing (i.e. renting out), sublease (i.e. transferring an existing lease to another party), and more.

B. Property Type

The second type of commercial real estate listing category is the type of property. Examples of commercial real estate property types include land, retail, industrial, office, multifamily-commercial, and more. By understanding the distinctions in listings, you can better refine your search.

Best Commercial Listing Website

There are many commercial real estate listing platforms out there. Each has its own competitive  features such as storing your liked properties, the ability to message the listing brokers, and providing advanced background data about the property. Below is our top recommendation based on first-hand experience for commercial real estate listing platforms to buy, sell and lease commercial real estate.

Best for Overall Commercial Real Estate



Why We Like Loopnet – You may get lucky and find a commercial property listed somewhere else, but if you are a serious commercial real estate professional then Loopnet is the industry standard for buying, selling, and leasing commercial properties.

Multifamily Commercial Listings

It is worth mentioning that multifamily properties can cross over from residential listing platforms, into commercial listing websites. The most distinguishing factor is the unit count of the multifamily property – 4 or less is residential and 5 and over is commercial. For example, a duplex (2-unit) listed for sale by a residential agent can likely be found on a residential listing platform such as Zillow or Realtor.com. Conversely, a large 25-unit multifamily property would be considered commercial and would likely be listed and marketed on a commercial listing website such as Loopnet or Crexi. When it comes to where multifamily listings are marketed online, it usually comes down to the listing agent’s preference of where they believe it will get the best exposure.

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