Ultimate List of Flat Fee MLS Listing Websites

Last Updated: January 2024

Flat Fee MLS Listing Platforms

When selling a property, the local multiple listing service (MLS) has long been a regularly updated database of property listings that were only available to real estate agents to access. Flat fee MLS listing websites attempt to level the playing field by charging a set rate to help property owners seeking to sell without an agent, get their listings onto the MLS.

Top 10 Flat Fee MLS Listing Websites

We’ve compiled together the most comprehensive list of flat fee MLS real estate listing websites. Our searchable and filterable list below is a helpful tool to help find the right flat fee MLS listing company for you.

How Does Flat Fee MLS Listings Work?

In rental property marketing, “Flat Fee MLS Listing” is a real estate service offering where property owners can list their property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a set, upfront fee rather than the traditional percentage-based commission. This can save property owners a significant amount of money, especially if they’re willing to handle other aspects of the selling process themselves. Here’s how the Flat Fee MLS Listing process generally works:

  1. Choose a Service: Begin by selecting a flat fee MLS broker or service. There are many online platforms and services available that offer this, so research and choose one that fits your needs and budget.
  2. Pay the Fee: Once you’ve selected a service, you’ll need to pay the flat fee. This can vary widely based on the company and the level of service provided, but generally, it’s much less than a traditional commission.
  3. Complete Listing Information: After paying, you’ll be required to fill out information about your property, including photos, property details, pricing, and other relevant data.
  4. MLS Listing: Once you’ve submitted all the required information and it’s been reviewed, the broker will list your property on the MLS. This means your property will be visible to other real estate agents and potential buyers searching the MLS.
  5. Additional Services: Some flat fee MLS providers offer different packages. The basic package might simply list your home, but other packages might include additional services such as professional photos, assistance with paperwork, or even negotiation help.
  6. Handle Inquiries: Since you are essentially forgoing a listing agent, you’ll be responsible for handling inquiries about the property, showings, and negotiations unless you’ve chosen a more comprehensive package that includes these services.
  7. Closing the Deal: Once you’ve found a buyer and agreed on a price, you’ll move on to the paperwork and closing process. Depending on the service you’ve chosen and your comfort level, you might handle this yourself, hire an attorney, or use services provided by the flat fee MLS company.
  8. Commission to Buyer’s Agent: It’s important to understand that while you’re saving on the listing agent’s commission, you’ll typically still need to pay the buyer’s agent commission. This is usually a percentage of the sale price and is a key incentive for agents to show and sell your home.

Best Flat Fee MLS Listing Website

There are many flat fee MLS real estate listing platforms out there. Below is our top recommendation based on first-hand experience for sale by owner real estate listing platforms to buy and sell.



Why We Like HomeLister – HomeLister is on the higher priced options for flat fee MLS listing websites, but their a la carte options and easy to use platform allows sellers to tailor their listings as needed.

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