The Ultimate List of Property Management Jobs

Last Updated: November 2023

Property Management Jobs

The world of property management is vast, and so are the job opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in the field. Property management job opportunities range the full spectrum of real estate including sales and leasing, administrative, managerial, maintenance and construction. The need for professional management of rental properties also has a bright future, with catalysts have set the industry to almost double in size up to $37.25 billion by 2029.

Top 6 Property Management Job Titles

Jobs in the property management industry range from the entry level Assistant Property Manager role, up to the seasoned Vice President of Asset Management position. Depending on the company size, the exact-naming of a title might vary, as well as the scope of responsibilities under that respective title. Below we take a look at the various types of career paths and job titles that are available in the property management industry.

Assistant Property Manager Job

Assistant Property Manager

As the right-hand helper to a property manager, assistant property managers (also called APM) hold similarly influential jobs as the property manager by helping to support all daily management operations. They normally report directly to the property manager, whom they simultaneously work closely with.

Property Manager Job

Property Manager

As the name implies, a property manager is the dedicated individual who is the “go-to” person for a property. This means that they are generally responsible for overseeing or administering all of the activities of a property. Property managers wear many hats, as they oversee all aspects of a property.

Resident Manager Job

Resident Manager

Usually found at large residential complexes, resident (apartment) managers live on-site and play a direct role in managing a property. They play a very physical role in managing a property by performing some maintenance, collecting rent, and directly dealing with tenants.

Leasing Agent Job

Leasing Agent

While the tasks of this position are sometimes handled by a property manager, leasing agents are typically in charge of the entire leasing process from start to finish. This typically includes marketing the property, scheduling and conducting property showings, screening potential tenants, and preparing lease agreements.

Director of Asset Management Job

Senior/ Regional/ Director of Asset Management

The name may vary among companies such as regional manager or director of asset management, but this position is in charge of delegating, leading and resolving issues for multiple property managers and their respective teams such as leasing agents and even maintenance personnel.

Vice President of Asset Management Job

Vice President of Asset Management

As the second-in-charge, the vice president of asset management typically reports directly to the president and/or CEO of the company. These are executives that usually work with other executives such as controllers and CFOs, and oversee high-level strategic property decisions.

What Are Entry Level Property Management Jobs?

Entry-level property management jobs are typically positions that require less experience but offer opportunities to learn the industry. As a Leasing Consultant or Leasing Agent, you would show properties to potential tenants and assist with leasing paperwork. An Assistant Property Manager role provides an opportunity to learn under a more experienced manager, dealing with rent collections, tenant queries, and minor maintenance issues. Property Management Administrative Assistants handle clerical duties, while also gaining industry knowledge. Maintenance Technician roles are more hands-on, dealing with the physical upkeep of properties, and these roles can also be a stepping stone into property management.

Can a Property Manager Job be Work From Home?

Property Manager Job Remote Work From Home

There are several different viewpoints on whether or not the role of property manager can be a work from home position. We take a deep dive into both sides of the question and analyze the pros and cons of each.

Property Management Certifications

For those that want to either expand or demonstrate their property management experience, several different types of property management certifications are available. These certifications can be great for job seekers and existing professionals seeking career advancement. There are different certifications for different types of asset classes you plan to work with, such as residential, commercial, or community associations.  Most types of certifications require a combination of educational coursework, work experience, and an evaluation test. Examples of well known property management certifications include the Certified Property Manager (CPM), Certified Apartment Manager (CAM), and Residential Management Professional (RMP).

Where to Find Property Management Jobs?

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