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Construction jobs related to rental properties are an important source of jobs in the real estate sector. Not only do these skilled laborers and tradespeople build and maintain existing rental properties, but they also help create new ones by renovating existing buildings or constructing new ones. These rental property construction jobs provide opportunities to individuals ranging from entry-level construction workers to senior construction managers.

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A contractor (also known as a general contractor or building contractor) oversees all important construction project activities such as construction scheduling, coordinating subcontractor efforts, labor management, and delivery of building materials to the construction site. In overseeing these activities, they are required to be fully versed in all legal aspects of construction within local laws and regulations. The job of a construction contractor requires experience in managing people and resources while staying within a budget and a specific timeline. They must ensure proper communication between all sub-contractors working onsite so that the intended results are thoroughly achieved.


A tradesperson (also known as a construction tradesperson) is any individual who uses specialized skills to work in the construction industry. This job can be involved in many different fields, from new home construction and remodeling of existing rental properties, to working with contractors on commercial projects. The specialization of a tradesperson’s work can vary among many trades such as carpentry and drywall installation, tiling, plumbing, HVAC, painting, electrical and more. Becoming a skilled tradesperson usually starts with an apprenticeship, followed by the ability to grow into a mastery designation once enough experience has been obtained.

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance jobs are a crucial part of both real estate property management and rental property construction. Jobs in property maintenance involve repairing tenants issues and providing overall upkeep of properties. It can require technical work such as carpentry, electrician, plumbing and various other general trades to maintain the property’s quality standards. Property maintenance can also involve painting, grass cutting, pest control and cleaning. A property maintenance job requires good communication and time-management skills in order to keep a property in good condition with satisfied tenants.

Property Maintenance Technician

Property Maintenance Technicians refer to the trained professionals who either conduct, coordinate, or oversee building and property maintenance jobs, safety checks, and related duties. Trained and certified technicians are also available such as those in specialized trades such as Elevators, HVAC, Fire Protection, and more.

Day Porter

A day porter is someone responsible for keeping properties looking clean, professional and inviting between regularly scheduled cleaning services. Day porters perform routine cleaning tasks usually during business hours to support and maintain a positive presentation of the property. They discreetly do this to ensure everything is taken care of, without interfering with the property’s daily activities.


An architect’s job is multifaceted and can involve a number of activities. They are responsible for the design of building structures such as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They conceptualize and draft plans based on key considerations such as property owner requests, aesthetic design principles, building safety standards, engineering requirements, sustainability standards, and time/budget constraints. Architects work on new construction and renovating existing structures, while frequently collaborating with various professionals such as engineers and real estate or construction experts. On site, an architect will conduct surveys, inspect the construction progress, issue reports on the project’s status, and make sure regulations related to building codes are up-to-date. All in all, architects have a rewarding job that involves designing and building something from nothing for many to enjoy.


Engineers who specialize in construction are tasked with designing, managing and leading the construction efforts in real estate projects. They often specialize in a specific field (e.g. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.) and each engineer must develop plans that adhere to building codes while also determining budget estimates and timelines to ensure the project’s successful completion. In addition to overseeing personnel on-site who execute plans, the engineer handles other duties such as periodic check-ins with clients, coordination with other subcontractors, invoicing and writing up reports detailing the project’s progress along the way. It takes a specialized skill set and specific level of education to excel at a real estate engineering job. Those interested in this position should have an educational background in engineering or related field, coupled with hands-on experience.

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