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Careers in the area of real estate law are professional paths that take a deep dive into the legal aspects of owning and operating rental properties. The most common type of real estate law jobs are Lawyers and Paralegals. They are employed by real estate law firms typically undertake a wide variety of duties, ranging from evaluating and drafting contracts to litigating disputes that may arise. Such jobs require in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations associated with renting property, as well as solid communication and negotiation skills to find the best solution to any contentious issues. Below we take a deep dive into the various types of law jobs in the rental real estate industry.

Real Estate Law Jobs

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Real estate lawyers are important professionals who work to protect the rights of their clients when it comes to property rights. Their job is to ensure that all real estate dealings, including those related to purchase, sale, and rental of property are carried out in compliance with laws specified by state and federal authorities respectively. They provide strategic counsel related to real estate transactions and take on other legal matters such as regulations concerning zoning law and foreclosure. Real estate attorneys also review documents pertaining to real estate deals like contracts, leases, titles, etc., examine them for accuracy, and perform due diligence activities on behalf of their clients. It is the responsibility of a real estate lawyer to provide accurate legal advice and represent their clients in court if required.


A real estate paralegal is a specialized type of paralegal that is hired by attorneys or law firms who  primarily work with property-related legal matters. They work closely with lawyers to help provide paralegal duties such as researching documents, gathering facts, organizing evidence, and creating legal documents related to the matter. Real estate paralegals typically handle the paperwork of completing title searches and resolutions, along with helping review contract forms for accuracy before lawyers begin reviewing them. It is also not uncommon for real estate paralegals to attend hearings for eviction proceedings and general real estate court cases as a means of representing the firm as well. By helping lawyers and assisting with a wide range of tasks from filing documents to drafting legal papers associated with real estate transactions, paralegals are an essential part of any real estate law practice.