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Last Updated: November 2023

Resident Manager Job

Larger residential rental properties that have many units will usually have an on-site resident manager. This is usually either a person or couple that lives at the property in one of the units and acts as the onsite point of contact for an owner or property manager. The job can be a great way to get free or discounted housing while also earning a paycheck as well. 

Resident Manager Job Description

A resident manager, also known as an apartment manager, community manager, or on-site manager, is a property management professional who usually lives at the rental property they manage. They are responsible for most of the hands-on aspects of property management and act as a contact liaison between residents, a property manager (if applicable) and ownership. The role of the resident manager requires excellent customer service skills in order to respond quickly and efficiently to any needs or issues that arise with the property. Depending on the number of units at the property and required duties, some employers may accept a single person for this role, while larger buildings may require a couple.

Resident Manager Job Resonsibilities

Resident managers are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation and management of residential rental properties. Job responsibilities include overseeing the day-to-day operations of the building, managing tenant relationships, and addressing maintenance issues on-site as they arise. They work closely with tenants, property owners, and other members of the building management team to maintain a safe, clean, and well-maintained living environment for all residents. To give you a better idea of the responsibilities for this type of rental real estate employment, below are some of the core responsibilities associated with being a resident manager.

List of Resident Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare, market and show all vacant suites
  • Perform credit and reference checks for prospective applicants
  • Give keys and collect security deposit for new tenant
  • Collect and remit rents, late fees, and any other property revenues
  • Maintaining an active records for all past and present tenants
  • Conduct routine suite inspections for ownership and city if required
  • Follow up and disciplinary enforcement on late rent payments
  • Manage evictions and arbitrations directly or via third-party legal
  • Perform move-in & move out inspections with security deposit reconciliation
  • Perform janitorial work in/out of building
  • Perform landscaping & snow removal (if seasonally applicable)
  • Purchase new property supplies and building products as needed
  • Coordinate, manage, and interview tradespeople and/or contractors
  • Perform routine property walkthroughs and report any deficiencies
  • Enforce all property rules and apply disciplinary measures if violated
  • Field and address tenant related issues, complaints, and/or concerns
  • Perform basic rental unit maintenance and repairs, or escalate to maintenance personnel
  • Distribute and/or post tenant notices as required
  • Locking and unlock public areas if applicable
  • Prepare detailed Incident reports related to accidents, etc
  • Provide updates to property managers to understand what is going on at the property
  • Provide ownership with first-hand knowledge of a property’s strengths and needs 

Resident Manager Compensation

The pay range for a resident (apartment) manager in the United States usually depends on the number of suites at the property and property management duties assigned, with an average of $4,500 per month for single managers and $7,500 per month for couple managers. In addition to a salary or hourly wage, resident managers will typically also receive discounted rent (usually 50% of market rent) or even a free unit to live in. Bonuses are also commonplace for this position and are usually awarded for activities such as strong rent collections, maintaining high occupancy, seamlessly coordinating unit turnovers and other acts that contribute to a rental property’s success. Some employers may also offer benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.

Resident Manager Job Qualifications

Successful resident managers play a key role in providing a high-quality living experience for all residents of the apartment complex. As such, they need to possess a combination of great customer service skills, willingness to get hands on and management experience. Employers seek candidates who have strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work in a dynamic environment. You should have experience in property management or a related field, as well as knowledge of common building materials and repair. Excellent communication and organizational skills are essential for managing tenant relationships and coordinating with other members of the building management team. For an resident manager position, employers will usually be looking for the following requirements and skill sets to qualify for the role.

List of Resident Manager Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent, with post-secondary education in property management or a related field preferred
  • 1+ years of previous experience in property management or a related field
  • Willingness to live on-site
  • Availability to be on-call for emergencies outside of regular business hours
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to handle conflicts tactfully
  • General understanding of rental real estate education topics
  • Knowledge of basic building maintenance and repair
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Basic understanding of accounting and real estate finance 
  • Proficient in computer applications and property management software
  • Experience in leasing and tenant relations
  • Experience in screening prospective tenants for credit, criminal background, and rental history via tenant screening softwares
  • Ability to multitask and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Knowledge of rental property laws such as local, state, and federal housing laws and regulations 
  • Proficient in using technology and computer applications such as email, Microsoft Excel, property management softwares and other real estate software solutions

Where to Find Resident Manager Jobs?

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What is the Difference Between a Property Manager and a Resident Manger?

Property managers and resident managers play different roles when it comes to managing a property. The primary difference is that resident managers usually live on site. Resident manager jobs usually  involve more physical tasks such as leasing suites, collecting rent, and performing minor repairs and maintenance. Property managers, on the other hand, play a more off-site and behind the scenes oriented role by managing a building (or portfolio of buildings) by overseeing high-level quantitative decisions and managing staff including resident managers, janitors and tradespeople. Property managers can even have their own team of management professionals such as an assistant property manager and leasing agent. It is important to note that property managers typically hire resident managers to help with the management of their buildings.

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