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The real estate industry is an ever-changing market with market ups and downs. Professionals working in rental property sales, marketing and leasing jobs ride this ever-changing tide by helping people buy, sell and rent. Individuals with skills in sales and marketing can use their skill sets to draw attention to rental real estate opportunities, offering owners quality tenants for short- or long-term leasing arrangements or getting top dollar for a sale.

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Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents have the exciting job to bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers of real estate property. They are responsible for stewarding their client through the completion of a real estate transaction, while being aware of the current market conditions. Real estate agents should be knowledgeable in property sales, real estate marketing, property assessment, and financing. In addition to maintaining an effective network with realtors, lenders, title companies and other real estate professionals, real estate agents must consistently develop new methods for finding properties that meet the needs of their clients. As agents work on behalf of their clients throughout the entire purchasing or selling process, they must be able to present information in a clear and understandable manner as well as possess exceptional negotiation skills.

Residential Real Estate Agent

A residential real estate agent assists clients with buying, selling, and leasing properties primarily used for living purposes, such as houses, apartments, and condominiums. When representing sellers, the agent determines market prices, lists the property, conducts open houses, and negotiates offers. When representing buyers, they locate suitable properties, advise on offers, and guide clients through the purchasing process. In the context of leasing, a residential agent helps landlords find tenants, conducts property showings, and facilitates the signing of lease agreements. Similarly, they assist prospective tenants in finding and leasing suitable rental properties.

Commercial Real Estate Agent

A commercial real estate agent (also called a broker) specializes in properties used for business purposes, including office buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, and multi-family housing units. They assist clients in buying, selling, or leasing these properties. When representing a seller or landlord, they determine competitive market prices, list the property, conduct property tours, and negotiate deals. When representing buyers or tenants, they identify suitable properties based on the client’s business needs, negotiate purchase or lease terms, and facilitate the transaction process. They also advise on market conditions, property values, and investment opportunities.

Leasing Agent

A leasing agent is a real estate professional who works with both tenants and property owners. They are responsible for the marketing and leasing of a rental property in order to acquire new tenants for their clients. Leasing agents work to create leasing contracts that protect both the tenant and the property owner’s interests, as well as facilitate needed maintenance or repairs when necessary. They must maintain appropriate records of transactions and provide excellent customer service while also negotiating favorable lease terms on behalf of their clients. Leasing agents can expect to find a significant amount of work with multifamily apartment rentals with other opportunities in commercial real estate properties such as leasing out office space. Successful leasing agents have complete knowledge of local leasing laws and regulations, in addition to possessing strong communication skills and an ability to empathize with their clients’ needs.

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