ManageCasa Overview

What is ManageCasa?

ManageCasa is a property management software that offers a modern, intuitive platform by combining various property management functions into one streamlined system. Known for its user-friendly interface, ManageCasa aims to simplify the complexities of managing rental properties, whether it’s a single unit or a multi-unit portfolio. The rental property software emphasizes efficient management, financial tracking, and tenant engagement.

ManageCasa Products & Services

ManageCasa provides a wide range of services including property accounting, maintenance request tracking, online rent collection, tenant and lease management, and financial reporting. The property accounting feature offers robust tools for tracking income and expenses. Maintenance request tracking streamlines the process of managing and resolving property repairs and issues. Online rent collection simplifies the payment process for both tenants and landlords, enhancing convenience and efficiency. The software is versatile enough to cater to all levels of property management from independent landlords, to large enterprise property managers.

ManageCasa Features

Property AccountingRobust tools for tracking income, expenses, and financial management.
Maintenance TrackingStreamlines management and resolution of property maintenance issues.
Online Rent CollectionFacilitates secure and convenient online rent payments.
Tenant & Lease ManagementOrganizes tenant information and lease documentation.
Financial ReportingProvides detailed insights and analytics on property performance.
Document ManagementStores and manages important property-related documents.
Communication ToolsEnhances tenant and team communication within the platform.

ManageCasa Property Types

ManageCasa is suitable for several different types of rental properties. The tool has features specifically designed for managing residential and community associations.

ManageCasa Pricing

ManageCasa has different pricing options that are broken down into different types of plans based on units and type of user. We take a look at each of ManageCasa’s pricing options below.

Free Trial

  • Properties, Contacts, Leases, Maintenance, Tasks, Tenant & Owner Communications, and online Portal.
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Base Plan

  • Properties, Contacts, Leases, Accounting, Reporting, Maintenance, Tasks, Resident & Board Member Communications, and online Portal
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Base + Addons

  • Properties, Contacts, Leases, Accounting, Reporting, Maintenance, Tasks, Resident & Board Member Communications, and online Portal
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$1.25/unit/mo + Add ons

Disclaimer: Products, services and pricing information is supplied by the provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Pricing updated February 2024

ManageCasa Reviews

ManageCasa Review by RentalRealEstate


Cost – 4

Ease-of-Use – 4

Customer Service – 4

Tools and Resources – 4

ManageCasa stands out for its comprehensive feature set tailored to rental property owners and managers of all levels. Its capabilities encompass efficient rent collection, maintenance request tracking, and robust financial reporting, all of which are crucial for effective property management. The platform’s user-friendly interface and mobile accessibility significantly ease the management process. However, the software can be initially complex to navigate, especially for those new to property management systems.


  • Comprehensive property accounting and financial reporting tools.
  • Efficient online rent collection and maintenance tracking system.
  • User-friendly tenant and lease management features.


  • Requires some time and training to fully leverage all features.
  • Limited customization options in certain areas.
  • May be more complex than needed for landlords with very small portfolios.

ManageCasa User Reviews

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ManageCasa FAQ

Is ManageCasa Legitimate?

Yes, ManageCasa is a legitimate source for property management software. The company has been around since since 2016, serves more than 2,000 Property Managers worldwide.

Who Owns ManageCasa?

ManageCasa is a privately held company that has not publicly disclosed its ownership information. ManageCasa’s CEO is Peter Koch.

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