Ultimate List of Property Maintenance Software

Last Updated: March 2024

Maintenance Software

Although more tenants means more profit, it also means more maintenance issues to oversee. In order to easily track and manage maintenance issues on a larger scale, several innovative property maintenance software programs (also called facility maintenance) have emerged as helpful tools for property managers to assign, track and assess maintenance issues. Some property management softwares integrate this feature into their program, but other standalone facility maintenance software programs allow for exclusively streamlining maintenance-related processes.

Top 20+ List of Property Maintenance Software

Property managers and owners use property maintenance software to effectively manage the maintenance activities for rental properties. Below we take a look at some of the most commonly used choices in property maintenance management software:

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What is Property Maintenance Software?

Rental Property Maintenance Software

Property Maintenance Software Definition

Property maintenance software is any digital platform that is used to automate common property maintenance tasks such as work orders, track asset information, and develop cost-optimized maintenance budgets.

What is the Best Property Maintenance Software?

Property Meld

Property Meld

Why We Like Property Meld – If you are looking for property maintenance software, Property Meld is our favorite. Specifically designed for property maintenance management, it delivers all of the most needed features to satisfy tenants, property managers, and owners. It can also be integrated with top property management software such as AppFolio and Buildium.

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Property Maintenance Software FAQ

How Does Property Maintenance Software Integrate with Property Management Software?

Many property management software solutions have begun integrating maintenance features into their online property management platform. These integrations allow for even greater convenience for landlords and property managers. In these scenarios, tenants can submit work orders, which can then be assigned and tracked by maintenance and management, without ever having to leave the property management platform. Below are a few of the property management platforms that have either natively integrated or are compatible to be integrated with a third-party property maintenance software:

AppFolio Property Manager

More Rental Property Software

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