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Zillow Rental Manager Overview

What is Zillow Rental Manager?

Zillow Rental Manager is an online platform designed to simplify the rental process for landlords. It offers a range of rental property tools to manage listings, screen tenants, handle lease agreements, rent collection, and more. Known for its wide reach and ease of use, Zillow Rental Manager integrates various aspects of the rental process into one convenient online portal. Its association with the Zillow brand, adds to its credibility and popularity among property owners.

Zillow Group

Zillow Rental Manager is part of the Zillow Group.

Zillow Rental Manager Products & Services

Zillow Rental Manager Products & Services

Zillow Rental Manager provides a full suite of services including property listings, tenant screening, online rent payments, lease creation and signing, rent estimates, credit building rent payment reporting, and rental market analytics. The rental property software platform allows landlords to list their properties across the Zillow rental network, reaching a wide audience. Tenant screening services include background and credit checks, helping landlords find reliable tenants. Online rent payment tools facilitate easy and secure transactions. Lease creation and signing are simplified through digital tools, reducing paperwork. Additionally, Zillow Rental Manager offers insights into rental market trends, aiding in pricing and marketing strategies.

In addition to the full suite of property management tools, Zillow Rental manager also has a feature that provides a free rent price estimate via their Zestimate® price, which analyzes nearby comparable rents.

Zillow Rental Manager - Rent Estimate Tool

Zillow Rental Manager Features

Property ListingsEnables landlords to list properties across the Zillow network.
Tenant ScreeningProvides background and credit checks for prospective tenants.
Online Rent PaymentsOffers a secure and convenient platform for collecting rent.
Lease Creation and SigningSimplifies the process of drafting and signing leases digitally.
Rental Market AnalyticsProvides insights into rent price estimates and current trends in the rental market.
Maintenance Request TrackingAllows tenants to submit maintenance requests easily.
Communication ToolsFacilitates direct communication between landlords and tenants.

Zillow Rental Manager Pricing

Zillow Rental Manager if free to use, but has different pricing options for various add on services. We take a look at each of Zillow Rental Manager’s pricing options below.

Zillow Rental Manager Listing Costs


  • List your property for on Zillow and its network of sites.
  • Message with interested renters.
  • $9.99 per listing per week after your first free listing.



  • List your property for on Zillow and its network of sites.
  • Increased exposure.
  • Pricing & marketing insights.
  • Listing recommendations.

$29.99/one time

Zillow Rental Manager Landlord Costs


  • Tenant screening reports are free for landlords.
  • Renters pay a $35 tenant screening and application fee.
  • Applicants can use for an unlimited number of participating rentals for 30 days.

Collect Rent

  • Online rent collection is free for landlords and renters if they pay with ACH (bank transfer).
  • Tenants pay a 2.95% fee when using a credit card and a $9.95 convenience fee for debit payments.


  • Upload existing leases or create a lease using customizable templates for free.
  • No additional charge to send and sign a lease agreement online.

Disclaimer: Products, services and pricing information is supplied by the provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Pricing updated February 2024

Zillow Rental Manager Reviews

Zillow Rental Manager Review by RentalRealEstate


Cost – 4

Ease-of-Use – 4

Customer Service – 4

Tools and Resources – 4

Zillow Rental Manager is a valuable tool for smaller landlords looking to manage their residential rentals. Its property listing feature provides extensive exposure across the Zillow network, and offers very affordable add on features such as tenant screening and online rent payment functionality adds. However, some users may find the platform lacks advanced property management software features, and there can be a reliance on other Zillow services for full functionality.


  • Wide exposure for property listings on the Zillow network.
  • Efficient and thorough tenant screening process.
  • Convenient online rent payment system.


  • Lacks advanced property management features.
  • Dependent on Zillow services for comprehensive functionality.
  • Not as customizable as other dedicated property management softwares.

Zillow Rental Manager User Reviews

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Zillow Rental Manager FAQ

How is Zillow Rental Manager Different From Zillow?

Zillow Rental Manager is a specific tool within the Zillow platform that provides landlords with the ability to list rental properties, screen tenants, and manage lease agreements online. In contrast, Zillow itself is a broader real estate marketplace for buying, selling, and renting properties, offering listings, and pricing information.

Can You Use Zillow Rental Manager to Manage Multiple Properties?

Yes, Zillow Rental Manager is designed to enable users to manage multiple properties. However, due to privacy concerns, multiple people are not permitted to share the same login. To protect the privacy of rental applicants, only one landlord per account is able to verify and view screening reports. 

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