Hemlane Overview

What is Hemlane?

Hemlane is a modern property management software tailored for rental property owners and managers seeking a more streamlined and efficient way to handle their operations. It distinguishes itself with a user-friendly interface and a focus on automating key aspects of rental property management. Hemlane is particularly suited for those managing smaller portfolios, offering features that cater to both local and remote property management. This platform combines robust technology with practical tools to assist in every stage of the rental process, from leasing to maintenance.

Hemlane Products & Services

Hemlane’s offers a unique rental property software platform that encompass a range of services including online rent collection, tenant screening, maintenance coordination, and financial reporting. The online rent collection feature provides a convenient and secure way for tenants to pay rent, reducing delays and streamlining the process. Tenant screening is thorough, ensuring property owners can find reliable and responsible occupants. Maintenance coordination through Hemlane simplifies the process of managing repair requests and tracking their completion. Additionally, Hemlane offers other landlord tools for financial reporting that provide valuable insights into the property’s financial performance, to aid in better decision-making.

Hemlane Features

Online Rent CollectionFacilitates secure and timely rent payments from tenants.
Tenant ScreeningOffers comprehensive background and credit checks for tenants.
Maintenance CoordinationStreamlines handling and tracking of repair requests.
Financial ReportingProvides detailed insights into property finances.
Lease ManagementSimplifies creating and tracking lease agreements.
Marketing ToolsAssists in effectively advertising and filling vacancies.
Communication PortalEnhances communication between tenants and property managers.

Hemlane Pricing

Hemlane has different pricing options that are broken down into different types of paid plans. We take a look at each of Hemlane’s pricing options below.


  • Marketing Syndication
  • Application & Tenant Screening
  • Lease Tracking & Management
  • Financials & Online Rent
  • Maintenance & Repair



  • All Basic Features
  • State-Specific Leases
  • Repair Coordination (Limited)



  • All Basic Features
  • All Essential Features
  • Full Repair Coordination
  • Network of Service Pros
  • Local Leasing Agent
  • Tenant Communication


Disclaimer: Products, services and pricing information is supplied by the provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Pricing updated January 2024

Hemlane Reviews

Hemlane Review by RentalRealEstate


Cost – 4

Ease-of-Use – 4

Customer Service – 4

Tools and Resources – 4

Hemlane stands out for its streamlined property management features and unique flexibility to self manage or hire a team to assist with management. The platform allows you to outsource tasks to local agents such as showings, inspections & local market consulting and even hire a maintenance coordinator. The tenant screening process is thorough and reliable, ensuring quality tenants. While Hemlane offers robust functionality, its features might be more suited for smaller property portfolios, and there’s room for improvement in customizing certain financial reports.


  • User-friendly online rent collection.
  • Thorough and effective tenant screening process.
  • Streamlined maintenance coordination.


  • More suitable for smaller property portfolios.
  • Limited customization in financial reporting.
  • May lack advanced features for larger properties or complex management needs.

Hemlane User Reviews

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Hemlane FAQ

Is Hemlane Legitimate?

Yes, Hemlane is a legitimate source for property management software. The company has been around since since 2014, supports over 20K+ rental properties in over 4K cities across the United States.

Who Owns Hemlane?

Hemlane is a privately held company that is owned by a series of investors who have invested in the company since its founding in 2014.

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