Property Meld and Lula Launch ‘Vendor Nexus’ Program

Property Meld and Lula Launch 'Vendor Nexus' Program

Property Meld, the leading property management maintenance software in the property management industry, is proud to announce a partnership with Lula to launch Vendor Nexus. The program is designed to assist property managers in finding quality vendors while improving real-time technological connectivity.

The new program, one of the first of its kind in the industry, is expected to be a long-term project aimed at addressing the challenges and frustrations property managers face when sourcing great vendors that specifically meet the needs of their organization.

“Property managers must have access to top-notch vendors who can deliver exceptional service at competitive prices,” said Ray Hespen, CEO and Co-founder of Property Meld. “Lula has been an amazing provider and continues to deliver a great service to our Property Meld clients, we’re really excited about them joining Nexus and serving even more.”

The program’s early launch aims to establish momentum and validate resources for its continued expansion. By leveraging the partnership with Lula, technology, and innovative strategies, Property Meld seeks to transform how property managers and vendors connect and collaborate.

“Lula is thrilled to partner with PropertyMeld. Both of our companies remain committed to revolutionizing property maintenance, and now we get to do that together,” said Bo Lais, CEO of Lula. “By combining our strengths, we’re not just aiming to improve the maintenance process but to fundamentally change it, ensuring faster, more reliable service for property managers and tenants alike.”

Together with other partners, Property Meld and Lula are taking a fresh approach to address one of the biggest challenges property managers face – finding reliable vendors. Their goal with this program is to create a platform that facilitates seamless connections between property managers and vendors, ultimately enhancing property management operations’ overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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