Property Meld and Lula Launch ‘Vendor Nexus’ Program

Property Meld, the leading property management maintenance software in the property management industry, is proud to announce a partnership with Lula to launch Vendor Nexus. The program is designed to assist property managers in finding quality vendors while improving real-time technological connectivity. The new program, one of the first of its kind in the industry, isContinue reading “Property Meld and Lula Launch ‘Vendor Nexus’ Program”

TurboTenant and Lula Launch Rental Property Maintenance Partnership

Leading property management platform TurboTenant announced its partnership with Lula, an award-winning rental property maintenance service, in select markets. “The top challenge landlords report is managing rental maintenance requests,” said TurboTenant Vice President of Marketing Harrison Stevens. “Partnering with Lula allows us to work with high-quality professionals nationwide to provide a simple solution for our 600k+ landlords. ByContinue reading “TurboTenant and Lula Launch Rental Property Maintenance Partnership”