TurboTenant and Lula Launch Rental Property Maintenance Partnership

Leading property management platform TurboTenant announced its partnership with Lula, an award-winning rental property maintenance service, in select markets. “The top challenge landlords report is managing rental maintenance requests,” said TurboTenant Vice President of Marketing Harrison Stevens. “Partnering with Lula allows us to work with high-quality professionals nationwide to provide a simple solution for our 600k+ landlords. ByContinue reading “TurboTenant and Lula Launch Rental Property Maintenance Partnership”

5 of the Best Vehicles for Landlords

If you are going to be an active landlord then having the right vehicle is something you should give some serious thought to. The level of involvement and amount of work your investment property needs, will have a direct impact on what type of landlord car would be the best fit for you. Of course,Continue reading “5 of the Best Vehicles for Landlords”

Hello RentalRealEstate.com

Welcome to RentalRealEstate.com – Where we make it easy for the world to learn about investing and managing rental real estate. Rental real estate is everywhere, from the neighborhood local shopping center to one of the world’s most expensive homes that is now an investment property. Although you can learn about just about anything onContinue reading “Hello RentalRealEstate.com”