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Selling a property is a big endeavor with typically large amounts of money involved. Real estate professionals (agent or broker) often bring qualified buyers or sellers to the transaction and also facilitate the sale process. In exchange for their service, they are compensated with a commission. The commission is usually paid by the property seller and is calculated as a percentage of the property’s final sale price. Try out our property sale commission calculator to easily understand and see how much a sale commission would be.

Calculate Property Sale Commission

Property Sale Commission Formula

The standard mathematical formula for calculating a property sale commission is noted below. Note that you will first need to determine the values for the property’s final selling price and the commission percentage (%) for the agent/broker, to input into calculation.

Sale Commission = Property Sale Price1 x
Commission Rate (%)2

1. Property Selling Price – The final net-selling price of the property, including any deductions or additions.

2. Other Income – The agreed upon percentage amount agreed upon buyer and seller to be paid to a real estate agent. Commissions are usually percentage based (%) but can also be a fixed amount. In real estate transactions, the commission for both agents is usually paid by the property seller.

Property Sale Commission Definition

A property sale commission is a fee paid to licensed real estate professionals for their services in assisting with the successful sale of a property. Both representatives of the buyer and seller receive a commission, which is calculated as a percentage of the final sale price of the property.

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