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WYL Overview

What is WYL?

WYL (WhoseYourLandlord) is a platform designed to enhance transparency in the rental market for both residents and home providers. It enables users to leave and read anonymous reviews about their homes and home providers. WYL serves as a valuable resource for individuals at every stage of their rental journey, offering a comprehensive view of what residents can expect before moving into a new home. The platform aims to improve the living experience for current and future residents by encouraging open feedback.

WYL Products & Services

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WYL’s (WhoseYourLandlord) primary service is facilitating transparent and anonymous reviews for renters and home providers. It allows users to share their experiences and feedback about their home providers, thereby influencing the rental experience for themselves and future residents. WYL also hosts a Resource Hub, which contains a wealth of information, including insightful articles, FAQs, and how-to guides for both residents and home providers.

WYL Features

Anonymous ReviewsAllows residents to anonymously review their homes and landlords.
Review ReadingEnables users to read reviews about home providers before moving in.
Resource HubOffers articles, FAQs, and guides for both renters and home providers.
Feedback ImprovementFeedback provided can improve the living experience for current and future residents.
Transparent Rental MarketContributes to a more transparent rental market by sharing honest renter experiences.
Community EngagementEncourages community involvement by allowing users to inform their community about their homes.
Educational ContentProvides educational content to help renters and landlords understand the rental market better.

WYL Reviews

WYL Review by RentalRealEstate


Cost – 4

Ease-of-Use – 4

Customer Service – 4

Tools and Resources – 4

WYL (WhoseYourLandlord) presents a unique opportunity for multifamily rental property owners to understand and improve the tenant experience. The platform’s focus on transparency and anonymous reviews offers valuable insights into what tenants appreciate and areas that need improvement. However, the anonymity of reviews can sometimes lead to unverified or biased feedback. Overall, WYL is a useful tool for property owners who are committed to enhancing the quality of their rental services and understanding tenant perspectives.


  • Provides valuable insights into tenant experiences and expectations.
  • Enhances transparency in the rental market.
  • Educational resources available for both renters and home providers.


  • Potential for unverified or biased anonymous reviews.
  • Requires proactive engagement and response from property owners.
  • May primarily reflect the perspectives of dissatisfied tenants, skewing overall perceptions.

WYL User Reviews

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Is WYL Legitimate?

Yes, WYL (WhoseYourLandlord) is a legitimate source to post and review landlord ratings. The website was founded in 2015 and has resident reviews in over 350 U.S. cities.

Who Owns WYL?

WYL (WhoseYourLandlord) is a privately held company that is owned by a series of investors who have invested in WYL since its founding in 2015.

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