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Even the brick-and-mortar rental real estate industry is not immune to the ever increasing permeability of data and software. Savvy investors, owners, and managers all utilize various online real estate solutions that provide data to help make better decisions. These can include checking ownership records to make an off-market purchase offer or checking rent price comps in a particular market.

Real Estate Data Software List

Professional real estate investors, mom-and-pop property owners and property managers all use various forms of real estate data software. Below we take a look at some of the most popular real estate data software solutions:

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What is Real Estate Data Software?

Rental Property Data Software

Real estate data software is any digital platform that is used to generate and provide actionable information on real estate properties such as market pricing, property history, ownership records, and more. 

What is the Best Real Estate Data Software?

Best Rent Comparison Tool



Why We Like Rentometer – For multifamily rental property owners, this is a must have tool. Rentometer provides surprisingly accurate rental rates for various markets of multifamily housing rentals across the United States. The monthly subscription is also very reasonable.

Best Market Research Tool



Why We Like Costar – The high price tag of this software has been a controversial love-hate relationship for commercial real estate professionals. Nevertheless, Costar is still our favorite, as well as the commercial real estate industry’s go-to tool for property owner research, recent sales and leasing data.

More Types of Rental Property Software