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What is RentCast?

RentCast is an innovative software solution designed to assist real estate investors and property managers in growing, tracking, and optimizing their rental property portfolios. It offers a modern approach to rental property management by providing critical data and insights. RentCast specializes in delivering comprehensive rental market analysis and performance trends, making it an essential tool for those involved in the rental property market.

RentCast Products & Services

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RentCast offers a range of services to help users effectively manage their rental properties. The platform provides in-depth rental market insights, allowing users to analyze and compare rental markets using rent averages and listing statistics for any US zip code. It features a dashboard for tracking rental portfolio performance, including historical rent tracking and real-time rent alerts. RentCast also offers insights into market performance trends, aiding users in identifying new investment opportunities.

RentCast Features

Rental Market InsightsAnalyze and compare rental markets with rent averages and listing statistics for any US zip code.
Market Performance TrendsView historical rent prices to analyze market trends and find investment opportunities.
Rental Portfolio DashboardTrack rental portfolio performance from an intuitive dashboard accessible on any device.
Real-Time Rent AlertsSet rent targets for properties and receive notifications for potential rent increases.
Historical Rent TrackingKeep track of leases and rents for each property to analyze historical performance.
Market Update EmailsReceive local market updates, current rent estimates, and rental listings via email.
User-Friendly InterfaceIntuitive and easy-to-use platform designed for efficient rental property management.

RentCast Pricing

RentCast has different pricing options that are broken down into free and paid plans. We take a look at each of them below.


  • Nationwide Rent Prices
  • 5 Nearby Rental Comps
  • 5 Properties in Portfolio
  • Rent Alerts & Market Updates



  • Nationwide Rent Prices
  • 20 Nearby Rental Comps
  • 50+ Properties in Portfolio
  • Rent Alerts & Market Updates
  • Rental Market Insights
  • Market Performance Trends
  • Custom PDF Report Branding
  • Send Notifications to Others


Disclaimer: Products, services and pricing information is supplied by the provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Pricing updated April 2024

RentCast Reviews

RentCast Review by RentalRealEstate


Cost – 4

Ease-of-Use – 4

Customer Service – 4

Tools and Resources – 4

RentCast takes a unique and comprehensive approach to providing rental market insights. Its intuitive dashboard simplifies monitoring multiple properties, and real-time rent alerts helps in timely rent adjustments. The ability to analyze market performance trends is also great to identify potential investment opportunities. However, its accuracy is contingent on the platform’s data sources. They do have a free option to signup to test out the platform, with an optional upgraded pro version for more features.


  • Comprehensive rental market insights aid in competitive pricing and market analysis.
  • Real-time rent alerts and an intuitive dashboard facilitate efficient property management.
  • Historical rent tracking feature helps in assessing and improving property performance.


  • Data accuracy depends on the scope and quality of RentCast’s market data.
  • May have a learning curve for users unfamiliar with data-driven tools.
  • Focused primarily on market analysis, which may not cater to all aspects of property management.

RentCast User Reviews

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RentCast FAQ

Is RentCast Legitimate?

Yes, RentCast is a legitimate source to acquire residential rent price data. Their data is based on over 140M+ properties across 40K+ zip codes of available U.S. markets.

Who Owns RentCast?

RentCast is believed to be a privately held company that was launched in 2020. It was founded by Anton Ivanov and is associated with the same team behind DealCheck.

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