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Buildium Overview

What is Buildium?

Buildium is a comprehensive property management software designed to streamline the complex tasks faced by property managers and landlords. Offering a suite of robust tools, it simplifies everything from tenant screening to financial management. As a cloud-based platform, Buildium provides accessibility from anywhere, enhancing efficiency in managing rental properties. It’s tailored to meet the needs of various property types, making it a versatile choice for diverse property management requirements.


Buildium is a RealPage company.

Buildium Products & Services

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Buildium’s primary offering is a rental property software solution that includes property accounting, online rent payments, property maintenance tracking, and tenant screening services. The accounting feature supports detailed financial reporting and budget management, crucial for effective property management. Its online rent payment system streamlines the collection process, offering convenience to both property managers and tenants. The property maintenance module allows for efficient tracking of repairs and maintenance requests, ensuring timely responses to tenant needs. Lastly, the tenant screening service aids in selecting reliable tenants, contributing to a stable rental environment.

Buildium Features

Online Rent PaymentSimplifies rent collection through secure online portals.
Financial ReportingOffers detailed reports for tracking income and expenses.
Maintenance TrackingStreamlines the process of handling repair requests.
Tenant ScreeningProvides thorough background and credit checks.
Lease ManagementFacilitates the creation and tracking of lease agreements.
Property Inspection ManagementEnables scheduling and documenting property inspections.
Communication ToolsAllows efficient communication with tenants and owners.

Buildium Property Types

Buildium is suitable for several different types of rental properties. The tool has features specifically designed for managing residential, commercial, community associations, affordable housing, and student housing properties.

Buildium Reviews

Buildium Review by RentalRealEstate


Cost – 4

Ease-of-Use – 4

Customer Service – 4

Tools and Resources – 4

Buildium is one of many great real estate investor tools that stands out for its comprehensive set of features designed to help efficiently manage rental properties. The online rent payment system has notably eased the rent collection process, ensuring timely payments and less administrative hassle. The financial reporting tools are a boon, offering clarity on the property’s financial health and aiding in budget planning. While the maintenance tracking feature has streamlined handling repairs, ensuring tenant satisfaction. However, the steep learning curve for some features and occasional software glitches could be improved for an even more seamless experience.


  • Efficient online rent payment system.
  • Comprehensive financial reporting tools.
  • User-friendly maintenance tracking feature.


  • Some features have a steep learning curve.
  • Occasional software glitches.
  • Potential need for more customization options in reporting.

Buildium User Reviews

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Who Owns Buildium?

Buildium is owned by RealPage as of 2019.

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