Ultimate List & Guide to Lease Amendments

Last Updated: April 2024

Lease amendments play a vital role in evolving tenant relationships by providing a mechanism to adjust the terms or conditions of an existing rental property contract. Rather than drafting an entirely new residential lease agreement, amendments offer an efficient means to incorporate these modifications.

Top 5 Free Lease Agreement Amendment Templates

We’ve reviewed rental property documents and lease amendments across the internet. Below is our comprehensive list of the best lease amendments for landlords, as well as our top pick.

eForms Lease Amendment

eForms Lease Amendment

Why We Like The eForms Amendment Template

The eForms lease amendment is our favorite pick for its comprehensiveness and optional easy to use document creator that is built into their website. Blank template versions of the document in Word, PDF, and ODT versions, are also available for download as well.

LegalTemplates Lease Amendment

LegalTemplates Lease Addendum

Why We Like The LegalTemplates Amendment Template

The LegalTemplates lease amendment template delivers organized clarity, ensuring all changes are well-documented and understood.

Rocket Lawyer Lease Amendment

Rocket Lawyer Lease Amendment

Why We Like The Rocket Lawyer Amendment Template

The Rocket Lawyer amendment has a comprehensive design that ensures legal robustness and easy navigation.

eSign Lease Amendment

eSign Lease Amendment

Why We Like The eSign Amendment Template

The eSign lease amendment is a streamlined and precise template that allows for modifying lease agreements with confidence.

SmartSheet Lease Amendment

SmartSheet Lease Amendment

Why We Like The Smartsheet Amendment Template

The SmartSheet template is a very simple, yet straightforward document that both landlords and tenants can appreciate for its simplicity.

What is a Lease Agreement Amendment?

Lease Agreement Amendment Definition

A lease agreement amendment for rental properties is a formal modification to a previously executed lease agreement, adjusting or altering specific terms or conditions. This document does not replace the original agreement but rather updates or revises particular clauses or provisions. Both parties must agree to and sign the amendment, ensuring the changes are mutually understood and legally binding.

Lease Agreement Amendments Explained

Let’s say you have a lease, and something needs to change. Instead of starting from scratch, you can make a tweak with an amendment. Maybe the landlord has added security features, or perhaps the tenant now requires a parking spot. The amendment captures this change, acting like a mini-update to the original contract. It’s a way to keep things current without redoing everything. Just like a software update on your phone, it brings the lease up-to-date with the latest agreed-upon changes.

Lease Agreement Tools

Contract & Document Software

Online Rental Property Documents

Online rental property document software offers customizable templates and digital management solutions for forms, contracts, and letters related to leasing and property management.

Document Digital Signature Software

Rental Property Digital Signature Software

Using digital signature software for rental property agreements is becoming increasingly popular among tenants and rental real estate industry professionals for its ease of use and legal upholding.

Property Management Software

Property Management Software

Property management software helps property owners and managers handle all aspects of management such as rent payment, property maintenance, marketing, and much more.

Other Types of Lease Agreements

When entering into a rental arrangement, it is important to choose the right type of lease agreement for the situation. These agreements serve as a legal framework that stipulates the responsibilities, rights, and obligations of both landlord and tenant. Below we take a look at several of the most common types of rental property contracts and agreements:

Rental Property Law Guides

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