Top 5 Largest Student Housing Real Estate Companies in 2024

Last Updated: February 2024

Student Housing

The student housing rental property market caters to the diverse needs of millions of college students across the United States. These housing solutions offer more than just a place to stay; they shape the social and academic lives of students. Each leader in the student housing industry has carved out a significant presence across university markets, defining standards for comfort, convenience, and community in student living.

Top 5 Student Housing Companies in the United States

Below we delve into the profiles of these top companies, exploring their history, services, and the role they play in shaping the student housing industry. These industry leaders are ranked based on factors such as number of properties and revenue, among other things.

1. American Campus Communities

American Campus Communities Key Statistics:

  • Types of Communities: On-campus, off-campus, mixed-use developments.
  • Services Offered: Fully furnished options, academic success centers, fitness and recreational facilities.
  • Number of Properties: Over 200.
  • Number of Beds: More than 139,000.
  • Geographical Areas: Across the United States in major university markets.

American Campus Communities is a pioneering force in the student housing sector, renowned for its expertise in developing, managing, and owning high-quality student housing communities. With a focus on enhancing the academic and personal growth of students, their properties are meticulously designed to provide vibrant, inclusive living experiences. Known for their modern amenities and strategic proximity to campuses, American Campus Communities has established a reputation for excellence in student living. This company has made significant strides in shaping the student housing landscape across major university markets in the United States.

2. The Scion Group

The Scion Group Key Statistics:

  • Types of Communities: Primarily off-campus student housing.
  • Services Offered: Professional management, community events, student-focused amenities.
  • Number of Properties: Approximately 86.
  • Number of Beds: Over 58,000.
  • Geographical Areas: Predominantly in the United States, with some international presence.

The Scion Group stands out in the off-campus student housing community sector, recognized for its strategic and focused approach to student housing. The company is committed to enhancing student engagement and academic success through its well-managed properties. Scion’s communities are distinguished by their high-quality amenities and supportive environments, designed to cater to the modern student’s needs. Their portfolio reflects a deep understanding of the student experience, making them a key player in the U.S. student housing market.

3. Greystar Student Living


Greystar Student Living Key Statistics:

  • Types of Communities: Varied, including luxury and affordable student housing options.
  • Services Offered: State-of-the-art amenities, community engagement programs, tailored student services.
  • Number of Properties: Data not specified.
  • Number of Beds: Data not specified.
  • Geographical Areas: Across various university markets in the United States.

Part of Greystar Real Estate Partners, Greystar Student Living offers a wide range of well-managed student accommodations. The company emphasizes creating strong community bonds and fostering student success through its thoughtfully designed spaces and amenities. Their properties, which often blend modern living with convenient access to educational institutions, are recognized for elevating the standard of student living. Greystar’s approach to student housing is both innovative and student-centric, marking them as a significant entity in the student housing sector.

4. Cardinal Group

Cardinal Group Key Statistics:

  • Types of Communities: Includes both on-campus and off-campus housing.
  • Services Offered: Comprehensive property management, community-building initiatives, modern amenities.
  • Number of Properties: Data not specified.
  • Number of Beds: Data not specified.
  • Geographical Areas: Diverse locations across the United States.

Cardinal Group has carved a niche in the student housing market with its focus on creating vibrant, community-centric living spaces. The company prides itself on its innovative approach to student housing property management, ensuring a high standard of living and fostering a sense of belonging among its residents. Their portfolio spans diverse geographical locations, offering a range of living experiences tailored to student needs. Cardinal Group’s commitment to excellence and student well-being has positioned it as a leader in the student housing industry.

5. Asset Living

Asset Living Key Statistics:

  • Types of Communities: A mix of on-campus and off-campus housing options.
  • Services Offered: Varied amenities, community engagement activities, professional property management.
  • Number of Properties: Data not specified.
  • Number of Beds: Data not specified.
  • Geographical Areas: Locations across multiple university markets in the U.S.

Asset Living – Student is recognized for its comprehensive and dynamic approach to student housing. The company specializes in offering a wide range of housing options that cater to different student preferences and budgets. With a focus on creating supportive, well-managed living environments, Asset Living–Student is known for its ability to enhance the overall student experience. Their presence in the student housing market is marked by a commitment to quality, innovation, and student satisfaction.

Largest Student Housing Companies FAQ

Who are the Top 10 Student Housing Companies in the United States?

The student housing market in the United States is a dynamic and competitive sector, featuring a variety of key players that cater to the diverse needs of university students. These companies range from large, established firms to emerging entities, each bringing unique offerings to the market.

Top 10 Student Living Companies in the U.S.:

  1. American Campus Communities
  2. The Scion Group
  3. Greystar Student Living
  4. Cardinal Group
  5. Asset Living–Student
  6. Vesper Holdings
  7. Dinerstein Student Housing
  8. Core Spaces
  9. Landmark Properties
  10. ACCOPM (American Campus Communities Operating Partnership, L.P.)

What are Publicly Traded Student Housing Companies?

In the student housing market, several companies have made their mark by going public, allowing them to access broader capital markets and increase their visibility and accountability. These real estate stocks are recognized for their extensive portfolios and nationwide presence, offer investors a tangible connection to the burgeoning field of student housing. Their status as public companies brings a level of transparency and regulatory compliance that can be appealing to investors and stakeholders.

Top Publicly Traded Student Housing Companies:

  • None

How Do The 5 Largest Student Housing Companies Differentiate Themselves?

The largest student housing rental property companies in the U.S. set themselves apart through a combination of factors such as innovative amenities, strategic locations, and a focus on creating a supportive community atmosphere. These differentiators are crucial in attracting and retaining students in a competitive market.

American Campus CommunitiesExtensive on-campus and off-campus options, modern amenities, focus on academic success
The Scion GroupStrategic off-campus locations, community engagement, international presence
Greystar Student LivingLuxury and affordable options, state-of-the-art amenities, community building programs
Cardinal GroupInnovative property management, diverse community initiatives, modern living spaces
Asset Living–StudentVariety in housing options, focus on student satisfaction, professional property management

The student housing sector is currently influenced by several key trends. The increasing demand for amenities that enhance the academic and social experience is driving companies to innovate and offer more than just living spaces. There’s also a growing emphasis on technology integration from both operators and tenants. Managers are increasingly integrating student housing property management software, while tenants are favoring property that integrate more smart home features and high-speed internet. Sustainability and environmentally friendly practices are also becoming crucial, as students are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact. Additionally, the rise of hybrid learning models post-pandemic has led these companies to adapt their offerings to support both in-person and remote learning environments.

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