Top 5 Largest Multifamily Companies in 2024

Last Updated: February 2024


The multifamily rental housing market in the United States is an important segment of the real estate industry, offering diverse living solutions to a wide range of demographics. Dominated by several key players, this sector has seen significant growth and evolution, driven by changing consumer preferences and economic trends. These industry leaders – MAA, Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC, Morgan Properties, AvalonBay Communities, and Equity Residential – have shaped the market through innovative development, strategic acquisitions, and a focus on community building. 

Top 5 Multifamily Companies in United States

Below we delve into the profiles of these top companies, exploring their portfolio size, target markets, and the role they play in shaping the multifamily rental property industry in the United States. These industry leaders are ranked based on factors such as portfolio size, target markets, and number of facilities, have set high standards in customer service and technological integration.

1. MAA (Mid-America Apartment Communities)

MAA Key Statistics:

  • Geographical Focus: Primarily the Sunbelt region of the United States.
  • Portfolio Size: Extensive collection of apartment communities.
  • Target Markets: Includes both suburban and urban areas.
  • Strategic Approaches: Emphasizes property acquisition, development, and efficient management.
  • Community Initiatives: Engages in sustainability and resident-oriented programs.

MAA, also known as Mid-America Apartment Communities, stands as a prominent force in the multifamily housing sector of the United States. Renowned for its large and diverse portfolio of apartment communities, MAA primarily targets the Sunbelt region, offering a range of living options from suburban to urban settings. The company’s success is rooted in its strategic approach to property acquisition, development, and management, focusing on creating value and enhancing the living experience for residents. MAA’s commitment to sustainability and community engagement further solidifies its position as a leader in the multifamily housing industry.

2. Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC

Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC Key Statistics:

  • Global Reach: Significant presence in both the U.S. and international markets.
  • Focus Areas: Concentrated in high-growth urban regions.
  • Business Model: Encompasses property management, development, and investment.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Emphasizes eco-friendly practices and sustainable living options.
  • Resident-Centric Approach: Strong focus on enhancing resident experiences and satisfaction.

Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC is a global leader in the rental housing industry, renowned for its extensive portfolio and management services. With a strategic focus on both the U.S. and international markets, Greystar has established a strong presence in high-growth urban areas. The company differentiates itself through a comprehensive approach to property management, development, and investment, catering to a diverse range of housing needs. Greystar’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and resident satisfaction has made it a benchmark in the multifamily housing sector.

3. Morgan Properties

Morgan Properties Key Statistics:

  • Regional Focus: Concentrated in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions.
  • Growth Strategy: Emphasizes strategic acquisitions and value-add renovations.
  • Portfolio Diversity: Manages a wide range of apartment communities across various market segments.
  • Tenant Engagement: Prioritizes tenant satisfaction and community development initiatives.

Morgan Properties has distinguished itself as a major force in the U.S. multifamily housing sector, rapidly expanding its portfolio through strategic acquisitions. The company, known for its adept management of apartment communities, primarily focuses on high-value renovations and community enhancement. With a strong presence in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions, Morgan Properties caters to a wide demographic, offering quality living experiences in various market segments. Their commitment to tenant satisfaction, operational excellence, and community engagement has positioned them as a key player in the multifamily housing industry.

4. AvalonBay Communities

AvalonBay Communities Key Statistics:

  • Market Focus: Concentrates on urban and high-density suburban areas in select U.S. regions.
  • Property Types: Specializes in luxury apartments.
  • Geographical Presence: Strong in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Pacific Northwest, and California.
  • Sustainability and Design: Emphasizes eco-friendly practices and innovative architectural design.
  • Community Engagement: Known for active involvement in community development and resident-focused initiatives.

AvalonBay Communities, Inc. is a standout in the multifamily housing sector, known for its high-quality, well-located apartment communities in the United States. With a strategic focus on urban and high-density suburban markets, particularly in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Pacific Northwest, and Northern and Southern California regions, AvalonBay has established itself as a leader in creating vibrant communities. The company excels in developing, redeveloping, acquiring, and managing luxury apartments, consistently aiming to provide a superior living experience for its residents. AvalonBay’s commitment to sustainability, innovative design, and community engagement has earned it a respected reputation in the multifamily industry.

5. Equity Residential

Equity Residential Key Statistics:

  • Market Concentration: Focuses on urban and high-density suburban areas in major U.S. cities.
  • Portfolio Characteristics: Known for high-quality apartment properties.
  • Resident Focus: Strong emphasis on providing amenities and services that enhance the resident experience.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Committed to eco-friendly practices and sustainable living environments.
  • Community Involvement: Actively engages in community development and improvement programs.

Equity Residential, a prominent name in the multifamily housing sector, is known for its focus on developing and managing quality apartment properties in strategically chosen markets across the United States. Concentrating primarily on urban and high-density suburban communities, the company targets vibrant cities that attract a diverse tenant base. Equity Residential’s portfolio is characterized by its emphasis on providing resident-centric amenities and services, aimed at enhancing the living experience. Their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community involvement has solidified Equity Residential’s reputation as a leader in the multifamily property market.

Largest Multifamily Rental Property Companies FAQ

Who Are The Top 10 Multifamily Rental Property Owner Companies in the United States?

The multifamily housing market in the United States is dominated by several key players, each holding significant portfolios and influence. Among them, the top multifamily companies are recognized for their extensive portfolios and strategic operations across various regions.

Top 10 Multifamily Rental Companies:

  1. MAA
  2. Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC
  3. Morgan Properties
  4. AvalonBay Communities LLC
  5. Equity Residential
  6. Cortland
  7. Nuveen Real Estate
  8. Monarch Investment & Management Group 
  9. The Related Companies LP
  10. Edward Rose Building Enterprise

What Multifamily Rental Property Companies are Publicly Traded?

The multifamily rental owner market in the United States includes several publicly traded companies, known for their extensive portfolios and strategic growth in the real estate sector. These real estate stocks and the companies behind them are known for their extensive portfolios and have attracted investor interest, as reflected in their listings on stock exchanges

Top Publicly Traded Multifamily Rental Companies:

  • Camden Property Trust (NYSE: CPT)
  • Air Communities (NYSE: AIRC)
  • AvalonBay Communities, Inc. (NYSE: AVB)
  • Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust (BREIT)
  • Mid-America Apartment Communities (NYSE: MAA)

How Do The Largest Multifamily Companies Differentiate Themselves?

The largest multifamily rental real estate companies in the United States distinguish themselves through various business strategies and operational focuses. Here’s a summarized overview of how some of these companies differentiate themselves:

CompanyDifferentiation Strategy
MAATargets the Sunbelt region with a mix of suburban and urban apartment communities, emphasizing regional market specialization and diversity.
Greystar Real Estate Partners LLCGlobal reach with operations in several countries; offers extensive services in multifamily property management, development, and investment.
Morgan PropertiesSpecializes in acquiring and revitalizing properties; focuses on enhancing community value and tenant experiences in key regions.
AvalonBay Communities, Inc.Concentrates on high-density urban and suburban markets, developing luxury apartments with a mix of innovative and sustainable features.
Equity ResidentialFocuses on major urban markets; offers resident-centric amenities and services, emphasizing quality living experiences in desirable locations.

Current trends influencing the growth of major multifamily rental owner companies include a rising demand for urban living, with a focus on mixed-use developments that blend residential and commercial spaces. Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are increasingly important, as companies seek to attract environmentally conscious tenants. Additionally, there’s a growing emphasis on technology integration, enhancing the resident experience through smart home features and digital services. Lastly, the shift towards more flexible living arrangements, including short-term leases and co-living spaces, reflects changing lifestyle preferences and work dynamics.

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