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What is CBRE Group?

CBRE Group is a global leader in commercial real estate services. The abbreviation CBRE stands for Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis. The company provides a very wide range of services that leverage their vast market knowledge, insights, and data to create real estate solutions tailored to their clients’ needs. CBRE’s scope of services range from investment, planning, leasing, and occupying spaces to designing, building, managing properties, and working with occupiers and landlords to optimize business outcomes.

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CBRE Services

CBRE offers a very wide scope of services in the commercial real estate space. This vast coverage of the commercial real estate industry allows them to provides services for clients on essentially all aspects of transacting and owning commercial properties.

  • Advisory and Transaction Services: Helps clients make informed decisions in leasing and sales transactions.
  • Asset Services: Manages commercial properties to enhance their value and tenant satisfaction.
  • Capital Markets: Provides investment sales, advisory, and financing services.
  • Valuation and Advisory Services: Offers accurate commercial property valuations based on deep market insights.

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Who Owns CBRE Group?

CBRE Group Inc is a publicly traded company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “NYSE:CBRE“. The ownership of CBRE Group Inc is divided among its shareholders, who can be individual or institutional investors.

Is CBRE Group a Legit Company?

Yes, CBRE Group Inc is legitimate company. The earliest predecessor to CBRE dates back to 1906, and the firm now has over 130,000 professionals, in over 500 offices that are located across 100+ countries around the world.

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