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theGuarantors Overview

What is theGuarantors?

TheGuarantors is a financial services company that specializes in solutions for the real estate industry, particularly in rental markets. It offers products and services aimed at mitigating risks for landlords and easing the burden for renters. TheGuarantors focuses on providing rental guarantees, security deposit alternatives, and other related services to facilitate smoother rental transactions.

theGuarantors Products & Services

theGuarantors Products & Services

TheGuarantors’ main offerings are financial guarantees for tenants to landlords. These guarantees act as a form of insurance to protect landlords against tenant defaults. Their main service is call Rent Coverage, which act like an insurance policy for a tenant’s rent. They also offer a security deposit alternative, which offers renters a more affordable option than traditional deposits. Lastly, lease co-signing services are another feature that help renters qualify for leases they might not ordinarily not otherwise qualify for.

theGuarantors Features

Rental GuaranteesActs as insurance for landlords against tenant defaults.
Security Deposit AlternativesProvides renters with an affordable alternative to traditional security deposits.
Lease Co-signing ServicesHelps renters qualify for leases by providing a co-signing service.
Risk Assessment ToolsOffers landlords tools to assess the risk profile of potential tenants.
Streamlined Application ProcessSimplifies the application process for renters and landlords.
Financial ServicesAdditional financial services related to real estate transactions.
Tenant ScreeningScreening services to verify the background and financial stability of prospective tenants.

theGuarantors Pricing

Rent Coverage

Rent Coverage by theGuarantors is like an insurance policy where the landlord is the beneficiary. A renter buys the policy to qualify to rent an apartment they may not otherwise qualify for, and the policy insures the landlord for the term of the renter’s lease.

≈ 30% of 1-Month’s Rent

Deposit Coverage Pricing

Deposit Coverage by theGuarantors requires paying a non-refundable fee that is less than the traditional cash deposit otherwise required as a deposit by a landlord.

≈ 6-33% of 1-Month’s Rent

Disclaimer: Products, services and pricing information is supplied by the provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Pricing updated February 2024

theGuarantors Reviews

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Customer Service – 4

Tools and Resources – 4

From a rental property owner’s perspective, theGuarantors can be a valuable partner in reducing rental risks and streamlining leasing processes. Their rental guarantees offer financial security, while security deposit alternatives make rental properties more attractive to prospective renters. Their lease co-signing services widen the pool of potential tenants by allowing parties to apply who normally wouldn’t qualify on their own. However, the effectiveness of these services depends on their accuracy and the company’s ability to manage financial risks effectively.


  • Reliable AI-powered fraud detection.
  • Quick results and seamless integration with existing processes.
  • Cost-effective in reducing fraud-related losses.


  • Reliance on the accuracy of AI technology.
  • May require technical proficiency for optimal use.
  • Focused primarily on fraud detection, which might not cover all aspects of tenant screening.

theGuarantors User Reviews

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Is theGuarantors Legitimate?

Yes, theGuarantors is a legitimate source for tenant-based rent and security deposit coverage. They have been in business since 2015 and have provided coverage for over $2B+ in rent and deposits for 3M+ homes across the United States.

How Does theGuarantors Work?

TheGuarantors is a service that provides rental lease guarantees, acting as a cosigner for renters who may not meet the financial requirements on their own. This process helps renters secure apartments by ensuring landlords receive their rent, even if the tenant is unable to pay.

  • Application: Renters apply for the guarantee service through TheGuarantors’ website.
  • Approval: TheGuarantors assesses the renter’s eligibility based on credit, income, and employment history.
  • Payment: Upon approval, the renter pays a fee for the guarantee service.
  • Lease Signing: The renter can then proceed to sign the lease with the landlord’s confidence in receiving rent payments secured.

Who Owns theGuarantors?

theGuarantors is a privately held company that is owned by a series of investors who have invested in the company since its founding in 2015.

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