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Celeri Overview

What is Celeri?

Celeri is an innovative fraud detection platform designed to identify falsified financial documents in rental applications. It utilizes AI-powered technology to prevent rental fraud and reduce bad debt. Celeri’s solutions are trusted by property management companies and real estate professionals to safeguard their rental processes.

Celeri Products & Services

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Celeri offers an AI-powered fraud detection system that identifies falsified financial documents in rental applications. The platform is designed to catch rental application fraud that is often imperceptible to the human eye. It compares documents against a broad index of real paystubs and bank statements to identify micro anomalies. Celeri also performs forensic analysis on underlying data to detect modifications and traces of editing software. Additionally, the platform delivers detection results and findings quickly after document upload.

Celeri Features

AI-powered Fraud DetectionUtilizes AI technology to identify falsified documents and catch rental application fraud.
Document ComparisonCompares documents against a real index to identify anomalies.
Forensic AnalysisAnalyzes underlying data to detect modifications and traces of editing software.
Quick Detection ResultsProvides fast results and findings shortly after document upload.
Fraud PreventionAims to prevent application fraud that leads to delinquencies and evictions.
Easy IntegrationDesigned to integrate simply and easily with current processes.
Cost-EffectiveAims to reduce lost rent and evictions, offering a cost-effective solution for fraud prevention.

Celeri Reviews

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Celeri can be a very valuable tool for preventing tenant fraud and ensuring the integrity of the application process. Its AI-powered technology provides innovative detection of falsified documents, reducing the risk of bad debt and evictions. The platform’s ability to deliver quick results integrates seamlessly into existing processes, enhancing efficiency. Celeri’s cost-effectiveness in preventing fraud-related losses is a major advantage. However, the success of the platform relies on the continuous accuracy and advancement of its AI technology.


  • Reliable AI-powered fraud detection.
  • Quick results and seamless integration with existing processes.
  • Cost-effective in reducing fraud-related losses.


  • Reliance on the accuracy of AI technology.
  • May require technical proficiency for optimal use.
  • Focused primarily on fraud detection, which might not cover all aspects of tenant screening.

Celeri User Reviews

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