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What is SmartMove?

SmartMove (TransUnion), is a tenant screening tool that caters specifically to landlords and property management companies. By leveraging TransUnion’s extensive credit data resources, they provide comprehensive and quick reports that include credit history, criminal records, and eviction notices. With its unique feature of allowing prospective tenants to provide their personal information directly, SmartMove ensures privacy and compliance, making it a preferred choice for both landlords and tenants.

SmartMove is powered by TransUnion

SmartMove Products & Services

SmartMove TransUnion Products & Services

SmartMove by TransUnion provides a robust tenant screening service, leveraging its parent company’s extensive credit and personal data to deliver detailed credit, criminal and eviction reports. A unique aspect of SmartMove’s services is its resident-involved process where prospective tenants input their information directly, thus ensuring privacy, security, and FCRA compliance. Furthermore, SmartMove offers a custom leasing recommendation to landlords through its credit-based ResidentScore, a feature that uses proprietary analytics to predict tenant reliability specifically for rental outcomes.

SmartMove Features

Comprehensive Tenant ScreeningOffers in-depth tenant screening, including credit checks, criminal background, and eviction history.
Credit-Based ResidentScoreProvides a specialized credit score designed specifically for rental screening.
Income InsightsAnalyzes a tenant’s income to assess their ability to pay rent.
Criminal Background CheckConducts nationwide checks for criminal records.
Eviction ReportsOffers detailed reports on a potential tenant’s eviction history.
Fast and SecureDelivers quick screening results while ensuring data security and privacy.
Customizable ReportsAllows landlords to choose specific screening reports that suit their needs.

SmartMove Pricing

SmartMove by TransUnion employs a tiered pricing strategy, with each tier offering a different set of tenant screening services to accommodate a variety of needs and budgets. These packages are priced on a per-use basis, meaning property professionals only pay for the services they require for each potential tenant. This structure, free of hidden costs or subscriptions, provides clear, predictable costs to users, regardless of the number of properties they manage.

SmartCheck Basic

  • Credit-Based ResidentScore™
  • National Criminal
  • Background Report


SmartCheck Plus

  • Credit-Based ResidentScore™
  • National Criminal
    Background Report
  • Full Credit Report
  • National Eviction Related Report


SmartCheck Premium

  • Credit-Based ResidentScore™
  • National Criminal
    Background Report
  • Full Credit Report
  • National Eviction Related Report
  • Income Insights


Disclaimer: Products, services and pricing information is supplied by the provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Pricing updated January 2024

SmartMove Reviews

SmartMove Review by RentalRealEstate


Cost – 5

Ease-of-Use – 5

Customer Service – 5

Tools & Resources – 5

SmartMove by TransUnion is our top choice for tenant screening services among rental property owners for its comprehensive background checks. Their service provides detailed reports including credit history, criminal records, and eviction information, offering landlords a well-rounded view of prospective tenants. Its association with TransUnion, a major credit bureau, ensures accuracy and reliability of the data provided. However, the pricing can be a bit steep, especially for multiple screenings. There’s could also be an improvement in integrating with existing property management systems, as well as a more user-friendly interface.


  • Comprehensive and reliable background checks.
  • Detailed reports including credit, criminal, and eviction information.
  • Association with a major credit bureau for data accuracy.


  • Pricing can be high for multiple screenings.
  • Limited integration with property management systems.
  • Interface could be more user-friendly.

SmartMove User Reviews

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SmartMove FAQ

Is SmartMove Legitimate?

Yes, SmartMove (TransUnion) is a legitimate source for tenant screening reports. The platform has been around since 2008, and is a part of TransUnion, which is one of the largest American consumer credit reporting agencies.

How Accurate is SmartMove?

SmartMove (TransUnion) provides various financial screening reports. TransUnion sources this data by leveraging its extensive databases of billions of data points from various providers such as auto dealers and finance companies, banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, retailers, student loan providers, public records and more.

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