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E-Renter Overview

What is E-Renter?

E-Renter is a specialized tenant screening service utilized by landlords and property managers across the United States to ensure they are selecting reliable tenants for their rental properties. The service provides comprehensive background checks, including credit reports, eviction history, and criminal records, to provide a holistic view of potential tenants.

E-Renter Products & Services

E-Renter offers a suite of tenant screening services for rental real estate, which are tailored to meet the specific requirements of landlords and property managers. Their unique offerings include premium reports that not only cover credit checks, criminal history, and eviction records, but also provide optional add-ons such as Bankruptcy Reports and Sex Offender Searches for comprehensive tenant evaluation. To augment their screening services, E-Renter provides user-friendly, online tools to streamline rental applications, integrate report ordering, and deliver results quickly and securely, allowing clients to make informed decisions efficiently.

E-Renter Features

Comprehensive Tenant ScreeningOffers extensive tenant screening services, including credit and criminal background checks.
Credit Check ReportsProvides detailed credit check reports for evaluating prospective tenants’ financial stability.
Criminal Background CheckIncludes thorough criminal background investigations for tenant security.
Eviction History ReportsDelivers reports on a tenant’s eviction history, if any.
Tenant Identity VerificationVerifies the identity of potential tenants to prevent fraud.
Customizable Screening OptionsAllows landlords to choose specific screening services based on their requirements.
Online Application ProcessingStreamlines the tenant application process with online submission and processing.

E-Renter Pricing

E-Renter embraces a simple and straightforward pricing model that provides flexibility to landlords and property managers. Their tenant screening services are available in different package options below:


  • Identity Verification
  • Background Check



  • Identity Verification
  • Background Check
  • Credit Check
  • Name History
  • Address History
  • Rent Check Advisor®

Additional $2.49 paid by the tenant for credit check verification.



  • Identity Verification
  • Background Check
  • Credit Check

Additional $2.49 paid by the tenant for credit check verification.


Disclaimer: Products, services and pricing information is supplied by the provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Pricing updated January 2024

E-Renter Reviews

E-Renter Review by RentalRealEstate


Cost – 4

Ease-of-Use – 4

Customer Service – 4

Tools & Resources – 4

E-Renter is good choice for rental property tenant screening services. It offers a range of screening options including credit checks, criminal background reports, and eviction histories, which are essential for thorough tenant vetting. The platform has a straightforward interface and provides quick turnaround of reports. However, the costs associated with comprehensive screenings can add up, especially for landlords with multiple properties.


  • Variety of essential screening options.
  • User-friendly interface and quick report delivery.
  • Helpful in thorough tenant vetting.


  • Costs can accumulate for comprehensive screenings.
  • Some reports may lack detailed information.
  • Limited integration with property management systems.

E-Renter User Reviews

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E-Renter FAQ

Is E-Renter Legitimate?

Yes, TenantReports.com is a legitimate website to purchase tenant screening reports from. They have been in business since 2003 and are part of the ResidentIQ ecosystem of products.

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