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MRI Software Overview

What is MRI Software?

MRI Software is a prominent and longtime provider of property management software solutions. With a strong emphasis on scalability and integration, MRI Software caters to various clients, including residential and commercial property managers, owners, and tenants. It provides comprehensive and customizable platforms that address the property’s specific needs through advanced technology.

MRI Software Products & Services

MRI Software Products & Services

MRI Software offers an extensive suite of products and services, including real estate management, lease administration, financial management, investment management, tenant engagement tools, and more. Their products are generally categorized into three different products: MRI Living™, MRI @Work™, and MRI @Work™ for Occupiers.

MRI Software Features

Real Estate ManagementStreamlines property operations and management tasks.
Lease AdministrationAssists in managing lease agreements and compliance.
Financial ManagementProvides comprehensive financial reporting and analysis.
Investment ManagementOffers property investor tools for optimizing real estate investment returns.
Tenant EngagementEnhances tenant communication and satisfaction.
Property Maintenance ManagementStreamlines the maintenance request and tracking process.
Reporting and AnalyticsDelivers in-depth insights with advanced data analytics.

MRI Software Property Types

MRI Software is suitable for several different types of rental properties. The tool has features specifically designed for managing predominantly commercial properties which include multifamily, affordable housing, community associations, office, industrial & logistics, retail, and other public sectors

MRI Software Reviews

MRI Software Review by RentalRealEstate


Cost – 4

Ease-of-Use – 4

Customer Service – 4

Tools and Resources – 4

MRI Software offers a sophisticated and comprehensive solution for managing large scale rental real estate assets. Their solutions help real estate owners, operators, and occupiers manage day-to-day activities which encompass financial and investment management, property management, facilities and workplace management, tenant management, and payments. However, the complexity and breadth of features can be overwhelming for smaller property owners, and the learning curve for maximizing the real estate software‘s potential can be steep.


  • Comprehensive range of property management features.
  • Advanced financial management and reporting tools.
  • Strong lease administration capabilities.


  • Steep learning curve for new users.
  • May be overly complex for smaller property owners.
  • Potential for high customization to require additional training and support.

MRI Software User Reviews

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MRI Software FAQ

What does MRI Software Stand For?

The acronym MRI, in MRI Software, stands for Management Reports International. The company was founded in 1971 under the name Management Reports Incorporated and was later known as Management Reports International.

Is MRI Software Legitimate?

Yes, MRI Software is a legitimate source for property management software. The company has been around since since 1971, and has a large and diversified global customer base of over 45,000 clients across 170 countries.

Who Owns MRI Software?

MRI Software is a privately held company that is owned by several private equity firms: GI Partners, TA Associates, and Harvest Partners.

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