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What is CompStak?

CompStak is a commercial real estate data platform offering a comprehensive suite of services for reliable and accurate real estate data. It provides an extensive range of information, including lease comps, sale comps, loan data, and property data, all aimed at helping users make better decisions. The platform sources its data nationwide from over 35,000 brokers, appraisers, and researchers.

CompStak Products & Services

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CompStak’s primary offerings revolve around providing detailed and accurate commercial real estate data. Its key services include national sales and lease comps, detailing aspects like starting rent, tenant improvements, and rent escalations. Sale comps feature data like total sale price, cap rate, and occupancy rate. CompStak also provides comprehensive loan data, including lender information, loan amounts, and loan-to-value ratios. Additionally, property data on CompStak covers property type, lease size, building class, and more. The platform is designed for seamless integration of these various datasets, aiding in holistic real estate analysis.

CompStak Features

Lease CompsIncludes starting rent, tenant improvements, rent escalations.
Sale CompsData on total sale price, cap rate, occupancy rate.
Loan DataInformation on lenders, loan amounts, loan-to-value ratios.
Property DataCovers property type, lease size, building class, etc.
AnalyticsProvides comprehensive analysis and insights.
Data IntegrationSeamlessly integrates various real estate datasets.
Data Source NetworkSourced from brokers, appraisers, and researchers.

CompStak Reviews

CompStak Review by RentalRealEstate


Cost – 4

Ease-of-Use – 4

Customer Service – 4

Tools and Resources – 4

CompStak can be a powerful tool for gaining insights into the commercial real estate market. Its comprehensive lease and sale comps provide a deep understanding of market trends and property valuations. The loan and property data are valuable for making informed investment and management decisions. The integration of various data sets allows for a holistic view of the market. However, navigating the extensive data can be overwhelming, and the platform’s focus on commercial real estate might limit its utility for residential property owners.


  • Comprehensive data on lease and sale comps.
  • Useful loan and property data for investment decisions.
  • Integrated datasets provide a holistic market view.


  • Extensive data might be overwhelming to navigate.
  • Primarily focused on commercial real estate.
  • Might require some real estate expertise to fully utilize.

CompStak User Reviews

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