Top 5 Largest Retail Real Estate Companies in 2024

Last Updated: March 2024

Retail Real Estate

The retail commercial real estate sector in the United States is a significant component of the economy, encompassing frequented properties such as shopping centers and mixed-use developments. This sector is driven by some of the largest real estate companies in the nation such as Simon Property Group, Kimco Realty Corporation and others. These top retail real estate companies stand out for their expansive portfolios, innovative management, and strategic growth.

Top 5 Retail Real Estate Companies in the United States

Below we delve into the profiles of these top companies, exploring their history, services, and the role they play in shaping the commercial real estate industry in the United States. These industry leaders are ranked based on factors such as number of properties, revenue, among other things.

1. Simon Property Group

Simon Property Group Key Statistics:

  • Property Portfolio: Over 200 properties, including malls and premium outlets.
  • Geographical Reach: Properties across North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Revenue: Generates billions in annual revenue, reflecting its market dominance.
  • Market Capitalization: One of the highest in the retail real estate sector, underlining its financial strength.

Simon Property Group, one of the largest retail real estate companies in the United States, is renowned for its extensive portfolio of high-quality retail properties. The company primarily focuses on shopping malls, premium outlets, and lifestyle centers, catering to a diverse range of consumer needs and preferences. With a strategic approach to property development, management, and expansion, Simon Property Group has established itself as a leader in the retail real estate industry. Their commitment to innovation and consumer experience has been pivotal in adapting to the evolving retail landscape.

2. Brookfield Properties

Brookfield Properties Key Statistics:

  • Portfolio Size: Manages millions of square feet of retail space.
  • Global Presence: Properties span across the United States and other countries.
  • Diverse Portfolio: Includes shopping centers, office spaces, and mixed-use developments.
  • Focus on Sustainability: Commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainable development.

Brookfield Properties is a premier global real estate company, recognized as one of the largest retail real estate companies in the United States. Specializing in the development and management of retail spaces, Brookfield Properties operates a vast network of shopping centers, often in prime urban locations. The company’s expertise extends to creating dynamic environments that enhance the shopping experience, blending retail with entertainment and dining options. Brookfield Properties’ approach to sustainability and community integration further solidifies its standing as a leader in the retail real estate sector.

3. SITE Centers

SITE Centers Key Statistics:

  • Portfolio Focus: Concentration on open-air shopping centers.
  • Number of Properties: Owns and manages a significant number of shopping centers across the U.S.
  • Leasable Area: Manages millions of square feet of retail space.
  • Anchor Tenants: Hosts a variety of leading national and regional retailers.

SITE Centers Corp., a key player in the retail real estate market in the United States, stands out for its strategic focus on community shopping centers. The company’s business model centers on owning, managing, and developing well-located retail spaces, often anchored by top-tier tenants like supermarkets and discount stores. With an emphasis on properties that cater to everyday consumer needs, SITE Centers aims to create shopping destinations that are both convenient and appealing to local communities. Their portfolio reflects a commitment to fostering retail environments that drive traffic and deliver value to both tenants and shoppers.

4. Kimco Realty

Kimco Realty Key Statistics:

  • Portfolio Size: Extensive network of shopping centers across the U.S.
  • Geographic Focus: Concentration in major metropolitan markets.
  • Leasable Area: Manages a significant amount of leasable square footage.
  • Tenant Diversity: Hosts a wide range of tenants from various retail sectors.

Kimco Realty Corporation is a prominent real estate investment trust (REIT) specializing in shopping center acquisitions, development, and management. With a focus on high-quality, neighborhood, and community shopping centers, Kimco has established a robust portfolio predominantly concentrated in high-growth areas. Their business model emphasizes long-term value creation through strategic leasing, redevelopment, and active property management. Kimco’s success is marked by its ability to adapt to the evolving retail landscape, ensuring a stable and growing income stream from a diverse tenant base.

5. Brixmor Property Group

Brixmor Property Group

Brixmor Property Group Key Statistics:

  • Portfolio Concentration: Predominantly consists of grocery-anchored shopping centers.
  • Number of Properties: Owns and operates a substantial number of retail properties.
  • Geographical Spread: Properties are spread across various states in the U.S.
  • Leasing Strategy: Focus on long-term leases with reputable tenants.

Brixmor Property Group is a notable real estate investment trust (REIT) that primarily focuses on the ownership and management of open-air shopping centers. Their portfolio includes a wide range of grocery-anchored and community shopping centers, strategically located across the United States. Brixmor is known for its proactive management style, emphasizing property redevelopment and enhancement to maximize value and attract a diverse tenant mix. This approach positions them well to cater to the evolving needs of communities and retailers, marking their significance in the retail real estate sector.

Rating Methodology

Companies are ranked based on portfolio size. Any numerical figures are retrieved from publicly accessible materials, and believed to be accurate as of the last update of this page.

Largest Retail Real Estate Companies FAQ

Who are the Top 10 Retail Real Estate Companies in the United States?

The United States retail real estate market is dominated by several key players, each with significant holdings and influence in various property sectors. These largest real estate companies are known for their large portfolios, strategic investment approaches, and their roles in shaping real estate trends nationally.

Top 10 Retail Real Estate 10 Companies:

  1. Simon Property Group
  2. Brookfield Properties
  3. SITE Centers Corporation
  4. Kimco Realty
  5. Brixmor Property Group
  6. Realty Income Corporation
  7. Federal Realty Investment Trust
  8. Regency Centers Corporation
  9. Tanger Factory Outlet Centers
  10. National Retail Properties

What are Top Publicly Traded Retail Real Estate Companies?

The retail real estate sector is home to several major companies that are publicly traded, offering investors opportunities to invest in this dynamic market. These companies, known for their extensive portfolios of retail properties, are listed on stock exchanges with specific ticker symbols for easy identification. These real estate stocks represent a segment of the real estate market that focuses on shopping centers, malls, and other retail properties.

Top 10 Publicly Traded Retail Companies:

  1. Simon Property Group (NYSE:SPG): A leading global retail real estate company.
  2. Brookfield Properties (NASDAQ:BPYPP): Specializes in the ownership and operation of retail properties.
  3. Kimco Realty Corporation (NYSE:KIM): Focuses on neighborhood and community shopping centers.
  4. Brixmor Property Group (NYSE:BRX): Operates a significant portfolio of open-air shopping centers.
  5. SITE Centers Corporation (NYSE:SITC): Specializes in managing and developing open-air shopping centers.
  6. Federal Realty Investment Trust (NYSE:FRT): Known for investing in high-quality retail-based properties in major coastal markets.
  7. Regency Centers Corporation (NASDAQ:REG): Specializes in grocery-anchored shopping centers, operating across the United States.
  8. Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (NYSE:SKT): Focuses on operating outlet shopping centers in various locations.
  9. Realty Income Corporation (NYSE:O): A major player in the retail real estate market, known for its diversified portfolio.
  10. National Retail Properties (NYSE:NNN): Invests primarily in high-quality retail properties subject to long-term net leases.

How Do The 5 Largest Retail Real Estate Companies Differentiate Themselves?

The five largest retail rental real estate companies each have unique strategies and characteristics that set them apart in the industry. Their differentiation lies in their portfolio focus, geographical presence, types of properties managed, and specific approaches to sustainability and innovation.

CompanyDifferentiating Factors
Simon Property GroupKnown for its focus on premium outlet malls and upscale shopping centers, Simon Property Group distinguishes itself with a strong presence in both national and international markets, catering to a higher-end retail segment.
Brookfield PropertiesBrookfield Properties differentiates itself with a diverse portfolio that includes significant office spaces alongside retail properties, focusing on large-scale, urban properties in major cities.
SITE Centers Corp.Specializing in open-air shopping centers, SITE Centers Corp. targets suburban markets with a community focus, aiming to provide a blend of shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences in accessible locations.
Kimco Realty CorporationKimco Realty Corporation is distinct for its focus on neighborhood and community shopping centers, strategically targeting major metropolitan markets and coastal regions with a portfolio tailored to everyday consumer needs.
Brixmor Property GroupBrixmor Property Group emphasizes grocery-anchored open-air shopping centers, catering to everyday shopping needs with a focus on convenience, local community engagement, and value-oriented retail solutions.

Several trends are currently shaping the landscape for retail real estate companies. Firstly, the rise of e-commerce is compelling retail real estate to adapt, with companies increasingly blending physical and digital retail experiences. This includes the integration of online shopping with physical pick-up points and experiential retail to attract foot traffic. Secondly, there’s a growing emphasis on sustainability, with companies investing in eco-friendly designs and operations to meet consumer and regulatory demands. Another significant trend is the repurposing of retail spaces, where traditional malls and stores are being transformed into mixed-use developments that include entertainment, residential, and office spaces. Lastly, the pandemic has accelerated the demand for convenience and local shopping, leading to a resurgence in neighborhood and community-focused retail centers.

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