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What is Landing?

Landing (Hello Landing) is an innovative company revolutionizing the concept of flexible living with its network of fully furnished apartments across the United States. Catering to those seeking short-term or flexible leases, Landing offers the convenience of month-to-month rental options without the burden of long-term commitments. Their apartments are stylishly designed, come equipped with all necessary amenities, and are situated in desirable locations. With an emphasis on ease and flexibility, Landing’s service includes seamless transfers within its network, offering a unique solution for those with dynamic lifestyles.

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Landing specializes in providing fully furnished apartments with flexible lease terms, primarily catering to professionals and individuals seeking short-term or transitional living arrangements. Their main product is a diverse range of stylish and modern apartments located in numerous cities across the United States, offering the convenience of moving in without the hassle of furnishing or setting up utilities. One of Landing’s key services is their flexible leasing model, which allows members to easily relocate to different apartments within their network, catering to a mobile and dynamic lifestyle. Additionally, Landing offers all-inclusive pricing, covering utilities, Wi-Fi, and premium amenities, simplifying the rental process for tenants. They also provide 24/7 concierge support, ensuring a high level of service and convenience for their members, which sets them apart in the flexible rental market.

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Landing presents a unique opportunity in the rental market with its focus on fully furnished, flexible leases. The company’s model of catering to a mobile and dynamic clientele, such as traveling professionals, can offer consistent rental income due to high demand for short-term, flexible accommodations. A partnership with Landing also ensures the property is well-maintained and furnished to high standards, enhancing its appeal and potentially increasing its value. However, the frequent turnover of tenants may lead to higher maintenance costs and wear and tear. The specific requirements for furnishings and amenities could also mean additional investment for the property owner. Lastly, relying on a single company for tenant placement might limit the owner’s control over pricing and occupancy decisions.


  • Consistent rental income from a niche market of short-term renters.
  • Enhanced property maintenance and high furnishing standards.
  • Increased property appeal and potential value growth.


  • Higher maintenance costs due to frequent tenant turnover.
  • Additional investment required for meeting specific furnishing standards.
  • Limited control over pricing and occupancy due to reliance on Landing’s model.

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Landing FAQ

Who Owns Landing?

Landing is a privately owned company that was founded in 2019 by Bill Smith and is funded by investors such as Greycroft, Maveron, Foundry, Delta-v Capital, WP Global Partners, and Abstract Ventures.

Can You List any Property on Landing?

Landing works with top property management companies and focuses on Class A & B multifamily communities. Try contacting them to check for eligibility.

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