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What is CREModels?

CREModels is a sophisticated real estate technology and service provider, offering professional-grade tools and expertise in real estate financial modeling and underwriting. With a focus on efficiency and technology-driven solutions, CREModels caters to the evolving needs of the real estate industry. The company is known for its US-based operations and commitment to delivering high-quality services to clients in real estate acquisitions, development, and asset management.

CREModels Products & Services

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CREModels offers a suite of real estate technology products and services designed to streamline various aspects of commercial real estate analysis. Their offerings include the CRE Suite, a comprehensive software solution for real estate acquisitions, development, and asset management. The company provides transactional services, managed services, and enterprise solutions, all aimed at elevating the real estate business. With an emphasis on financial modeling and due diligence, CREModels positions itself as an essential partner for real estate firms. Their services are fully US-based, ensuring quality and reliability in their outputs.

CREModels Features

CRE SuiteA comprehensive software solution for real estate acquisitions, development, and asset management.
Transactional ServicesServices focusing on real estate transactions, providing expertise in financial modeling and analysis.
Managed ServicesManaged services tailored to the specific needs of real estate businesses.
Enterprise SolutionsCustomizable solutions for larger real estate enterprises, including technology integration.
Financial ModelingExpert financial modeling services for accurate investment and development projections.
Due DiligenceComprehensive due diligence services for real estate transactions.
US-Based OperationsAll services are completed inside the US, ensuring quality and reliability.

CREModels Reviews

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Cost – 4

Ease-of-Use – 4

Customer Service – 4

Tools and Resources – 4

CREModels is a great choice for advanced commercial real estate financial modeling and underwriting. Their software offers valuable tools for efficiently underwriting new acquisitions and developments. The company’s transactional and managed services provide expert guidance in complex financial analyses and decision-making. CREModels’ commitment to US-based operations also ensures a high level of quality and reliability in their services. However, the advanced nature of their offerings may require a certain level of expertise in financial modeling to fully leverage.


  • Comprehensive software solution for real estate management.
  • Expert financial modeling and due diligence services.
  • High-quality, US-based operations ensuring reliability.


  • Services may require advanced understanding of financial modeling.
  • Potentially higher cost for professional-grade services.
  • Enterprise level solutions not intended for small-scale property owners.

CREModels User Reviews

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Is CREModels Legitimate?

Yes, CREModels is a legitimate source for professional commercial real estate underwriting and analysis. The company has been around since 2010.

Who Owns CREModels?

CREModels is a privately held company that has not publicly disclosed ownership information. CREModels Managing Director is Mike Harris.

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