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Invitation Homes Inc. is a leader in the national single family rental home market. It was founded in 2012, where they set up a vertically integrated single-family rental home company with in-house property management. The company made a significant impact when it went public in 2017, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under “INVH,” marking the second-largest real estate investment trust (REIT) IPO in history. Further solidifying its position in the industry, Invitation Homes merged with Starwood Waypoint Homes in a monumental $20 billion deal, creating a top-tier single-family rental company with over 80,000 homes. Invitation Homes is renowned for its innovation in Smart Home technology, an industry-leading maintenance app, and other programs enhancing the living experience of its residents, contributing to an impressive resident retention rate​​​​​​​​.

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Invitation Homes is a national home leasing company known for offering professionally managed, updated rental homes in desirable neighborhoods. These homes are equipped with smart home technology and other amenities that enhance the lifestyle of the residents. The company aims to simplify life for its customers by integrating the best services, amenities, and technology, thereby embodying their philosophy of “living freer” through top-level property management​​​​.

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Who Owns Invitation Homes?

Invitation Homes is a publicly traded company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “INVH“. The ownership of Invitation Homes is divided among its shareholders, who can be individual or institutional investors.

How Many Homes Does Invitation Homes Own?

Invitation Homes owns approximately 80,000 homes as of 2024.

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