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ABC Supply Co Inc is a wholesale distributor of building materials, based in Beloit, Wisconsin. The company was founded in 1982 and has evolved into a substantial enterprise that significantly influenced the roofing material distribution industry in North America. ABC Supply is not only the largest distributor of roofing supplies, in the United States but also provides a variety of exterior and interior building products, including siding, windows, gutters, and materials like ply, metal panels, and asphalt.

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ABC Supply Co Inc offers an extensive range of building materials that primarily cater to professional contractors. Their product lineup features a variety of materials such as steep slope roofing, low slope roofing, siding, stucco, window & doors, rain gutters, decking and railings, and more.

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Who Owns ABC Supply Co?

ABC Supply Co Inc is a privately held company. The company was founded by Ken Hendricks and Diane Hendricks, whom are believed to be the primary shareholders.

Is ABC Supply a Legitimate Company?

Yes, ABC Supply Co In is legitimate company. They operate over 950+ locations across the U.S and Canada, and are among the largest wholesale distributor of roofing and other select exterior and interior building products in North America.

What Does ABC Supply Stand For?

The acronym “ABC”, in ABC Supply Co Inc, stands for American Builders and Contractors.

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