Ultimate List of Senior Housing Property Management Software

Last Updated: March 2024

Senior Living Management Software

Senior housing management software helps coordinate the many ever-changing components of running a senior housing facility. From generating an occupancy report for investors, to coordinating resident services, senior housing management software ensures smooth operations for everyone involved including residents, staff and investors.

Top 10+ List of Senior Property Management Softwares

Senior housing facilities such as independent living and assisted living properties utilize software to oversee operation. Below we take a look at the top software choices for various types of senior living properties.

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Features of a Senior Housing Management Software

The specialized demands of senior housing facilities necessitate a tailored approach to property management, focusing on the unique needs and well-being of its residents. Senior housing management software serves as the linchpin, bringing together administrative tasks, healthcare requirements, and resident engagement under one umbrella. Let’s explore the pivotal features that make this software indispensable for ensuring the highest standards of care and operational efficiency in senior living environments.

Resident Health and Medical Tracking

Monitors and logs residents’ medical histories, medication schedules, and health status to ensure timely and appropriate care.

Billing and Financial Management

Facilitates the processing of payments, including medical services, housing costs, and other associated fees, in a comprehensive manner.

Activity and Event Scheduling

Organizes and tracks communal activities, therapy sessions, and events tailored for senior residents, promoting active living.

Dietary and Nutrition Management

Plans and monitors meals based on individual dietary needs, allergies, and preferences, ensuring optimal nutrition and safety.

Emergency Response Integration

Links with emergency systems or call buttons, ensuring prompt assistance when residents are in distress.

Family and Guardian Portal

Offers a dedicated platform for families to communicate, stay informed about their loved ones’ well-being, and receive updates.

Resident Assessment Tools

Evaluates residents’ physical and cognitive abilities, assisting in creating personalized care plans.

Room and Facility Management

Manages room allocations, transfers, and maintenance schedules to ensure a comfortable living environment.

Feedback and Satisfaction Surveys

Collects feedback from residents and their families, aiding in the continual improvement of facilities and services.

What is Senior Housing Property Management Software?

Senior Living Management Software

Senior housing property management software is a cloud-based or on-premise application that aids in the efficient management of senior living rental properties by using one unified platform to simplify common property management processes.

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What is the Best Senior Living Property Management Software?

The best type of property management software for a senior living rental property will depend on the needs of the property, its residents, and ownership. The right software can greatly streamline the management of a senior living facility, whereas the wrong choice could result in unnecessary expenses for unused features. Below is our personal favorite pick:



Why We Like Eldermark Eldermark is a comprehensive technology solution that is specifically built for the business of senior living facilities. The software is used among some of the largest senior living facilities and facilitates many aspects of management such as occupancy, revenue, staffing, and more.

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