Ultimate List of Self Storage Property Management Software

Last Updated: March 2024

Self Storage Property Management

Self storage property management software helps owners, managers, and customers handle various aspects of administration such as payments, vacancy management, and operational reporting. Some providers even have begun providing true end-to-end support with offerings such as facility websites and access control. Below we take a look at some of the top parking property management software available.

Top 20+ List of Self Storage Property Management Software

Many self storage facilities leverage software to optimize their operations and increase the bottom line. Below we take a look at the top software choices for various types of self storage facilities.

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Features of Self Storage Management Software

Self storage management software acts as the nexus between businesses and their clients, providing a seamless interface for operations and transactions. The evolution of this software has revolutionized how storage facilities operate, offering streamlined solutions that ensure efficient management and enhanced customer experiences. Below we take a look at the top 9 features and functionalities of a self storage facility  management system:

Tenant Management and Lease Tracking

This feature enables the systematic management of tenant profiles, lease durations, and renewal notifications, ensuring timely updates and renewals.

Automated Billing and Payment Processing

Automate invoicing, payment reminders, and facilitate diverse payment methods, ensuring consistent revenue flow without manual intervention.

Access Control and Security Features

Integrate with security systems to regulate and monitor tenant access, enhancing the safety of stored items and premises.

Inventory and Unit Management

Monitor the status and availability of storage units in real-time, facilitating optimal space utilization and efficient allocation.

Online Reservation and Booking

Provide customers with the convenience of checking availability, reserving, and booking storage units online, amplifying the user experience.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate insightful reports on occupancy rates, revenue patterns, and customer behaviors, aiding in data-driven decision-making.

Marketing and Promotional Tools

Equip facilities with tools to run marketing campaigns, offer discounts, and manage promotions to attract and retain customers.

Maintenance and Repair Tracking

Keep tabs on the health of storage units, schedule maintenance tasks, and address repairs promptly to ensure a top-notch storage environment.

Mobile Access and Customer Portal

Allows tenants to manage their accounts, make payments, and access relevant information via a mobile-friendly interface, offering on-the-go convenience and enhancing user engagement.

What is Self Storage Property Management Software?

Self Storage Property Management

Self storage property management software is a cloud-based or on-premise application that assists with the efficient management of self storage rental properties by using one unified platform to simplify common property management processes.

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What is the Best Self Storage Property Management Software?

Determining the best property management software for a self storage rental property will ultimately depend on the needs of the property, its customers, and ownership. The right software can greatly simplify the process of managing a self storage business, whereas the wrong choice could result in unnecessary expenses for unused features. Below is our personal favorite pick:



Why We Like StorableWhen comparing the different types of software solutions available to manage a self storage property, Storable is our favorite pick by far. The product is an all-in-one, end-to-end integrated suite of storage technology products that include features such as unit management, access control, custom facility websites, insurance, and more.

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