Ultimate List of Parking Property Management Software

Last Updated: March 2024

Parking Software

Parking property management software helps owners, managers, and customers handle various aspects of administration such as payment collection, customer management, and maintenance. The recent push for parking rental facilities to integrate more technology into their operations has led to substantial gains in both profitability and efficiency.

Top 20+ List of Parking Property Management Software

The paid parking industry is a $120+ Billion sector that utilizes software to streamline operations. Below we take a look at the top property management software available for parking properties.

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Parking Management Software Features

Parking management systems offer a range of features to enhance the efficiency, security, and user experience of parking operations. These software solutions not only streamline the operational aspects of managing parking spaces but also elevate the user experience, reducing potential friction points. Below we take a look at the top 8 features and functionalities of a parking management system:

Space Reservation and Allocation

Allows users to pre-book parking spaces, ensuring availability upon arrival. The system can dynamically allocate spots based on real-time availability and specific criteria, such as vehicle size.

Payment Processing and Billing

Facilitates automatic ticket issuance and seamless payment options, including digital payments, credit card processing, and integration with mobile wallet apps.

Real-time Space Tracking

Offers live monitoring of parking space occupancy, ensuring optimal space utilization and directing drivers to available spots.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Integrates cameras and software to automatically recognize and register vehicle license plates upon entry and exit, streamlining the check-in and check-out process.

Reporting and Analytics

Provides comprehensive reports on various metrics, such as occupancy rates, revenue generation, and peak parking times. This aids in making informed decisions for improving parking operations.

Access Control & Security Features

Ensures that only authorized vehicles can enter the parking area. This can be achieved through gate barriers, RFID tags, and biometric systems. Surveillance integration also aid in ensuring the safety of parked vehicles.

Notification and Alert Systems

Sends out timely alerts and notifications to users regarding their parking status, such as impending expiration times or unauthorized parking incidents.

Integration Capabilities

Allows for seamless integration with other systems like building management software, security systems, and traffic control solutions to create a cohesive management ecosystem.

What is Parking Property Management Software?

Parking Software

Parking property management software is a cloud-based or on-premise application that facilitates the efficient management of parking space rental properties by using one unified platform to simplify common property management processes.

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What is the Best Parking Management Software?

The best property management software for a parking property is based on the needs of the property, users, and the property’s ownership and management. The right software can greatly simplify parking property management, whereas the wrong choice could result in unnecessary expenses and unused features. Below is our top pick:



Why We Like AirGarageDepending on the size of your parking property, AirGarge has innovative and easy to use solutions to simplify parking management. Features include Dynamic pricing, real time dashboard, and integrations to list spaces on online parking marketplaces.

Types of Parking Management Systems

Parking management systems have evolved over the years, adapting to the needs of a rapidly urbanizing world and leveraging advancements in technology. Their diversity caters to various requirements, ranging from infrastructure needs to the scale of operations. This section delves into the different types of parking management systems, shedding light on their characteristics and best-fit scenarios.


These systems are installed and run on computers or servers located within the premises of the organization, ensuring direct control over the infrastructure and data.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Hosted on external servers and accessed via the internet, these solutions offer flexibility, scalability, and remote accessibility without the need for substantial on-site hardware.

Fully Automated

Fully automated systems streamline and handle all parking processes without human intervention, utilizing technology for tasks like ticket issuance, payment, and spot allocation.


Combining both manual processes and automated technology, semi-automated systems might require human involvement in certain tasks while automating others.

Standalone Software

This type of software focuses solely on parking management tasks without any integration with external systems or platforms.

Integrated Systems

These systems are designed to work with other software, allowing for a cohesive operation between parking management and other functionalities, such as security or building management systems.

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