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The real estate marketing industry is filled with countless companies – online listing platforms, iBuying, and nationally recognized brokerage brands. With so many options available to investors, selecting the right company to partner can be overwhelming even for experienced investors. Properly understanding the options available and becoming familiar with the most well known companies in the real estate sales and leasing industry, is crucial for real estate investors to successfully invest.

Listing Platforms

Real estate listing platforms (also called real estate listing websites) are online destinations where potential buyers, sellers and tenants can list and find available properties. In addition, there are regional MLS (Multiple Listing Services) that are private databases established by cooperating real estate professionals to help their clients buy, sell and lease properties.

Commercial Listings

Residential Listings

Brokerage Brands

Brokerages are the real estate businesses that agents associate their license and business under. Brokerages can range from local small multi-person companies, to multinational brands with thousands of agents. With rental property prices climbing into the hundreds of thousands, or even hundreds of millions, it is no surprise that real estate agents carefully select their brokerage to help maximize growth and sale potential.

Commercial Brokerages

Residential Brokerages


The same way that CarMax revolutionized the car buying process, a new series of companies are changing the way to sell a property. The concept is called iBuying and refers to online companies that use technology to make instant offers on a property. For now the concept only refers to selling real estate but may eventually evolve into burying properties online too.

iBuying Companies